Plant life, maybe

I learned to keep this plant alive during quarantine

I can’t say that I picked up any “hobbies” during quarantine, but one thing I was able to keep alive was a plant that my mom gave me.

In the past, my mother has been persistent in gifting plants and they have all had a failed existence. At the beginning they are pretty and green and bring life into my house only to find their demise weeks later.

However this time around, this here plant has lived a total of 6 months ya’ll! Not to brag or anything, I feel like I’ve got this plant life down, well maybe. I do have say that having this plant around the house has kept me on my toes during our stay at home orders. It has allowed me to focus on keeping it alive and a task like this is always worth the motivation.

When tasks like theses are around, it gives us hope to push forward, something to busy ourselves with, and a reason to occupy our minds. There’s peace to tending and caring for plants and I found the meaning of that.

No matter what your situation is right now, find something to keep you busy. Trust me, when the wheels keep turning in your brain, shifting the focus is helpful. Give it a try. Pick up a plant. Water it and your soul.

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