Blue Darkness

Accent lip brings pop of color in lighting photographs

This year, one of my resolutions was not only to blog, but to enhance my creative approach. Blogging is the easy part, but the creative aspect not so much. One thing is for certain is that I’m having fun getting to blog about different types of things besides clothes. This blue darkness post brings me to a happy place.

Today’s post features a cool blue lip and a play at lighting. The blue lip was done by outlining the mouth with a teal pencil, shading it, and filling it in with a teal/blue eyeshadow.

I played with this pop of color against a darken room and shone light from the side in order to showcase spotlight accents. I feel like the light gave the blue a mysterious look.

Lately I have felt that darkness is beautiful and that light peeking in brings hope. Maybe it’s a metaphor, a calling to find hope, or to rise above whatever darkness wants to tug at you. It can also mean that we should embrace the darkness and use it to give us the courage to face the things we dread.

However you interpret it, I hope you find yourself in a place of peace. Thank you for stopping by. All the best.

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