Flowers bloom in the winter too

Floral skirt brings warmth mid winter

About this time, each year, I get the summer blues. I ache for the green grass, the sun’s warm rays, and most importantly the flowers in their glorious bloom. So to help fill my empty heart, I wore this floral skirt from Francesca’s. I wore it once before, again, on warmer days, so the nostalgia is real.

This post brings the floral skirt back with a warm sweater from Target. It’s cozy and warm enough help me trudge along this long January. Also on the list are thick-black panty hoses and the coolest lace booties. These shoes are currently my favorite and I’m trying to my hardest to find any excuse to wear them. I’ve been successful so far even with pieces that don’t fit naturally.

The week has been long and cold, but what brings me comfort is knowing that this blog is waiting for me to write it and I can express who I am weekly. I hope that no matter where you are that you find the same avenue of peace and heck joy too because you deserve it.

Let’s end the week on a good note and I’ll see you one more time.

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