Rare Beauty Lip Cream Review

Selena Gomez’s beauty line meets strength and cool

Selena Gomez is a natural beauty and I enjoy that about her. When her “Rare Beauty” line was announced I realized that I had to own at least one item. So this weekend I drove myself to Sephora for some much needed retail therapy and picked up, not just one, but two of her lip products.

The first one is this Matte Lip Cream titled Strengthen, a deep hue of burgundy. At first I wasn’t too thrilled that her lip cream was matte as this type of lip color really drys my lips. However I was very pleased with the level of hydration.

At first the product appeared to be a stain with the first stroke, but after a couple applications, the color was vivid and bright. It wasn’t a matte finish at all. This I liked.

Overall I enjoyed this lip cream and recommend it. Not just because it comes from a well-known artist, but because the product can speak for itself.

Today’s cold weather has me shivering, yet again I long for warmer days, where I’m fulled with the energy to move.

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