Orange Mystery


Under the lights makeup look to spicy things up

I’ve been experimenting with low lighting and pops of color, mainly having to do with makeup. These are two things I am not very good at, but I’ve enjoyed creating these posts.

I do have to say that they take a lot of work and time, but the results are all worth it. In this post I tried a deep orange makeup look with a hint of shimmer. This palette is from KaraBeauty. It’s titled La Dama de las Flores and showcases beautiful shades of bright orange, green, and blue.

I especially love how the makeup look came to life underneath orange LED spotlight color. I believe this totally transformed this look and gave it a more artistic approach.

Trying new things can be hard sometimes especially when they don’t work great the first time, but trust the process, have patience, and a lot of faith. What you want to accomplish is right in front of you.

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