Blend in with Denim

All Denim works sometimes

Like I mentioned on various occasions, to the point where I’m probably annoying you, but I’m not going to give in– I miss the warm weather. As winter looms on, my energy level is at an all time low. There’s nothing that can cheer me up at this point. My only piece of enjoyment is getting to be with you all. The second thing is showcasing my all denim look.

I know that this outfit isn’t remarkable in anyway and that it’s been done over and over again, but what I can say about this is the blend of colors from the bedding fitting just perfect. It’s the contrast that helps me find a smile. Because when things work, they work out great.

All items are from Forever21, a shop that I didn’t want to shop at anymore, yet I still own pieces that are worthwhile. This denim jacket is no exception. It’s long. Comfy. Distressed. All qualities that make for a perfect cool jacket for a chill outing.

As I look at these photos I can also see that my hair has gotten very long. And it’s obvious that the masque I reviewed is truly working.

Monday has been its usual and unforgiving self, but I’m excited that it’s over and I get to see Tuesday tomorrow. See you then.

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