Yellow sunshine


To end the week of all weeks, finally, I bring to you this yellow accent makeup look. I’m getting right into it because the weekend is officially young and I want all of us to enjoy every moment.

It was wonderful to feel the sun peek in through the window, the warming feel gave me hope that the flowers will be in bloom soon. I can’t wait for that.

I had such a fun time shooting this look. From the makeup, to incorporating the flowers, to using natural light. I used a yellow neon eyeliner in this look both on the eyes and the lips. The liner is from L.A. Girl from the brand ShockWave.

Yellow isn’t necessarily a color that stands out when I wear it. It’s a color that washes me out, but in this small way, it was perfect.

Short and sweet!

I hope that this weekend gives you rest, joy, and comfort. We all need break.

Thinking of you. See you Monday.

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