Poems for the soul


Since I have been complaining about winter, the cold, and the snow; Mother Nature gave it to me it in her most meanest fashion. Not only that, but she is going to grace us with snow, freezing drizzle, and negative degrees all week.

It’s a major bummer.

However, I’ve got the fix. Step 1 is to stop complaining about the things that I can’t change, like the weather mostly. Step 2 is to dress up and enjoy myself regardless of the cold front. Step 3 is to read.

I haven’t done any major reading since I don’t know when. I used to love reading. I used to love taking the time to visit far off places, where the princess gets her happy ending. Yet that moment in time seems as ancient has the Sword and the Stone.

This post brings two of the things I love and need to do more of and that’s books and fashion. I’m currently reading poems. This book is a special selection of William Shakespeare’s greatest hits. His deep love and pain makes the cold all but bearable.

Don’t forget the fashion and these new jeans from Francesca’s and this arrow top from JC Penney. The snake skin boots brings a pop of drama.

I hope that wherever you are that you are staying warm and embracing the current state of your situation. All for the best.

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