I’ve got baby’s breath


I wanted to do that whole blogger Valentine’s Day bit and do it well, so here’s my attempt.

Today’s post is to ease into what is the day of LOVE. I am madly in love. But most importantly, I like that I am in love. Perhaps Micah makes me feel like love is light, hard, fun, and difficult all at once, but I like doing that with him.

In the five years that I have known true love, a love that doesn’t escape, I’ve realized that there’s more to life than saying I do. It’s a constant renewal of vows. That takes work and effort, but putting in the work is okay.

More or less, this time of year gets me reflecting on how much I’ve grown in the love department. It makes me proud of my choice to marry Micah. It makes me realize that life can be full of joy and love can be a part of that.

It’s also the season to let creativity run free and grace us with the breath of what are these delicate flowers. Yes they are often used as a “filler” but without them no bouquet is complete. Maybe that’s the part of love that we are missing. The part where we water, tend, and “fill” it, so it lasts.

  • Lips via @Revlon
  • Baby’s Breath Flowers
  • Other makeup look via @Always Aley here & here

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