The Journey


It hasn’t been the best, but the road to where I am now has taught me that we must go through the journey to self discovery. I’m here to tell you that while the path is of full ups and downs, that it’s not easy, that even though there’s rain, clouds, and tigers, it’s oh so worth it. The journey, that is.

So today’s look features me and the many miles I’ve walked. I go back to the very beginning, to a time where rock music filled my head, and a basic tee with a sparkling earring was all it took. Those were simpler times and when I reminisce the memories are good.

Now for the outfit details. The tee is from the Buckle. I haven’t shopped at this place in such a long time, but I’m starting to go back and I enjoyed some of their items. Right now they have a mix of boho, rock, and casual. The earrings are also from the Buckle. They bring a hint of sparkle and dazzle. They are long and pair well with the length of my hair. Lastly are the Dr. Marten boots I purchased earlier this month. They bring this outfit together for a cool street look.

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit because it was the style evolution I underwent when I needed to rediscover myself. Going back to a moment that made me feel good about myself felt like home. It’s nice to feel comfortable in what you wear. This was nice. I hope you find nice.

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