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It felt like Spring today, but not in the “it’s warm weather” type of way. It felt like change. There’s a difference in this period of transition. A time where reinventing yourself has never felt better. And in the process of self discovery, I’ve realized that sometimes it’s okay to start over. I’m not aiming to be completely different, but just take on a different version of me, one that smiles more.

In the spirit of change, I have added to my closet new pieces like these white-tall boots. In the past, these shoes would never be on my radar, but I wanted to be brave. So when I saw them, my gut told me to go for it. As they were hanging out in the back seat, on our way home, all I could think about was how I was going to style them. How would I wear them? When I sat them in my closet, endless possibilities came flooding in.

Suddenly, it wasn’t difficult to live in a world where change is possible. It was okay to embrace the out of the ordinary. I’m all here for it.

To pair my tall-white boots was this cute pale green dress from Francesca’s. This boutique has become a frequent destination to visit. This dress is the perfect combo of comfort and delicate with its buttons and sleeve details. The color is soft and perfect for the arrival of spring.

Lastly, the earrings bring a sense of romance and elegance to the look, turning it from street look to a date outfit. The purple ombre feature makes them the perfect addition against the green tone of the dress.

As we move towards warm weather, don’t be afraid to embrace the change that comes with a new season. Sometimes change can mean discovering a whole different side of you. One that leads to confidence.

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  1. I hope you continue to smile more! The world deserves to see it! Love the outfit ✨💚

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