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It’s never too late to start having a positive outlook into life. For me, however, it’s been difficult to see past tomorrow. On most days, my busy schedule prevents me from having joy. BUT and that’s a big but, jumpers like this one bring much happiness.

This jumper from Roolee, a boutique I discovered during the pandemic has been the perfect blend of comfort and cool girl. So there’s no surprise that this jumper is perfect. The material is soft and stretches in all the right places. In addition, and pause for dramatic effect, there are pockets involved. Lastly, the color and pattern has given me lead way into styling this suit in various ways. I mainly enjoy this piece because I can begin to wear it as the season transitions from winter to spring.

Another beautiful addition to the OOTD is the accessories. The earrings are fun and totally make a statement. From Francesca’s, the evil eye collection earrings caught my attention, specifically these charm drop ones. I really like the gold and hint of black.

This outfit made me smile this week. Let’s not forget that sometimes things won’t go well and life isn’t always going to be “positive.” However it’s the outlook that makes a difference. I need to remember that each and every day. It’s important to give ourselves time to enjoy the things we love. I know I preach that a lot, but I need to listen and follow suit. I hope you are enjoying life right now and if you aren’t hang in there. We’ve got this!

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