White boots make a comeback


It was only a matter of time before these tall-white boots made a comeback on the blog. And here they are, again, in all their glory. Just to be clear, they will be back again, because they are that divine.

This time, they are paired in a more street-style form, which brings you a mix of relax and rock. The last time you saw them on Always Aley I styled the boots with a pretty-mint dress from Francesca’s. Now you get a Def Leppard tee from the Buckle and biker shorts from Under Armour. Both of these looks made me feel cool and pretty, but something about today’s look made me feel like a boss-lady. I 100% believe the boots make you strut a little bit different, more confidently, and more tall.

This week is my Spring Break and I want to relax and re-invent myself. Micah and I are going to Kansas City this weekend and I’m excited to visit different places and do some much needed shopping because I’m in the process of changing up my style. I’m also excited to go somewhere new, to get away, and to feel a bit of normal. Since the pandemic, we haven’t done much traveling. It’s bummed me out because I love to see different parts of the world.

One day, I hope to be able to get on a plane again and visit another country. For right now, my world is a cat walk, and these tall-white boots made the comeback that I needed to take back my life.

Don’t forget to walk the world like you own it!

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