Lucky me in green


The weather has been beyond crazy. Yesterday I was soaking up the sun in lovely 70 degree weather and today it’s sleeting, windy, and cold. That’s Kansas. That’s its weather. Because I have been in a kick to be a more consistent blogger, I decided to keep things indoors and grace you all with another makeup look. This one inspired by St. Patricks Day. I’m feeling lucky.

From Kara Beauty and the beautiful La Dama de las Flores palette comes this look featuring all the pretty green tones this palette has. I started with shades of dark to shimmer and a hint of brown pop. Next to the shade of green eye makeup the perfect scene was around my plant.

I have enjoyed so very much taking self-portraits and the more I play with light, color, and the self-timer, I realize just how much I enjoy being behind the camera and also in front. It’s a good feeling. I suppose that’s what makes me feel lucky. I’m lucky I get to perfect my craft and learn each day what it means to be happy. This is as close as it gets.

Thanks for love and support.

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