Spring in the city


Spring Break came and went in a slow blink of an eye. I experienced everything from sleeping in late, to staying up late, to napping all day. I also went to Kansas City, to experience Spring in the city. It was a good weekend with Micah, walking around, site seeing, visiting all the cool-home grown parts. We visited local pubs, Sea Life, but most importantly we shopped. I shopped so hard that Micah had to cut me off before I fell off.

This look is small glimpse of some of the articles of clothing I purchased on the trip. I sought out a lot of florals, bright colors, and pretty patterns. They were items that needed to see the rougher-tougher parts of my closet. I can’t wait to see them clash and create a mixture of girl-gone-rock.

For now, I bring you this 70s inspired OOTD. The top is a mixture of green and mustard, which ties very nicely with the flare bottom jeans, and brown-heel boots. The weather was nice enough to grant us a walk around the downtown area where these photos were taken.

The city was full of wonderful artwork, beautiful shops, and a culture that inspired me and fueled me with a hint creativity. A creativity that I needed to continue to do this blog and post the content you all deserve.

I hope that you welcomed the Spring wonderfully and that this change of season suits you.

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