The undershirt, it’s a game changer


It’s only been a couple of years since I decided to wear turtlenecks and even plain white long sleeve shirts underneath my tops, Micah claims it’s an aging thing, but I considered it flare. Boy was I wrong, yet I was persistent in wearing them anyway. However, my heart skipped a beat when I ran into Dry Goods USA, and laid my eyes on this mesh-print undershirt. Suddenly, the thought of flare seemed inadequate.

Today’s look brings you a new take on my Beatles shirt. I’m a huge fan of this simple, yet meaningful band tee. The undershirt gives the tee a different look, one that brings freshness, and unique “flare.” This time I paired the top with boyfriend jeans, my favorite, and my comfortable Vans. The bottom half of this look is always on repeat, but with good reason, as it’s comfortable and cool. Two of my favorite things.

Tomorrow’s weather is going to be marvelous, I’m excited for it, and also to bring you all new looks and outfits. I’m also in the works of new beauty product reviews that are set to help our faces. For that, you should be excited. I truly hope that your Friday is more than amazing. Until next time.

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