In the gray


I enjoy wearing black, a lot, but sometimes things get very gloomy when black is all you see. In the past, I was okay with this, the feeling of no life. As I grow older and little bit more wiser, I’ve come to realize that adding color to my wardrobe only adds happiness. So I have fallen in love with shades of blue, green, yellow, and yes gray. Now I know that gray is still technically a “dark” shade, but it’s so pretty. I love the cool and steel tones the shade brings.

Today’s look is a take on one of my favorite styles girl-gone-edge. There’s a little bit of delicate, but also a touch of dark. It’s how I feel sometimes, stuck between two worlds. Since I’ve been conflicted so many times, I decided to mix these two elements. That’s where this OOTD comes into play. The babydoll top is from one of my recently favorite shops Francesca’s. The details include embroidered butterflies and flowers in a pop of coral color.

This look was paired with my favorite Lulu’s jeans and Dr. Marten boots all to give the look street-style vibes. In addition, the earrings from Kindred tie the look together. It’s one of those looks that gives a sense of cool and comfort and you all know how much I live for these looks.

To close, I’m so happy I captured this look when I did, because it’s super windy out. And now that we’ve yet again reached another Monday, I’m happy to start the week on a good note. I enjoy sharing content with you. Here’s to a good week. Thinking of you!

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