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Def Leppard brings a pop of cool girl vibes in spring skirt

It’s been all work and no play lately. That’s no fun. The weather has been a tease and time can’t seem to stand still, especially on the weekends. When I can find moments where I can enjoy myself and can really feel inspired, I take them and not for granted. This post comes from a place of genuine joy. It wasn’t a perfect day. There was wind. A slight breeze. However, I had fun shooting this look. I felt confident. Flirty. Inspired. The reason for this newfound “fun” was a change in attitude. It’s crazy to think that a simple shift of the mind can lead to moments of clarity and pleasure.

The outfit also helped bring the positive attitude. The skirt is the perfect fit, purchased at Kindred, this item brings a mixture of cool girl and spring time vibes. The white flowers create a warm feel. And the bonus is the fact that there are shorts underneath, which boosts confidence and security under the Kansas wind. I paired this skirt with a crop top, Def Leppard style. The top pushed for a more rocker take, so I brought in my Steve Madden boots to pull the look together.

I know it’s hard, life doesn’t help, but I guarantee that a good attitude helps make things easier. It’s not going to happen overnight, but little-by-little you’ll find a new outlook to life if you pursue a positive attitude. When that doesn’t work, a rocker attitude makes for a killer alternative.

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