In pink


I never considered pink to be beautiful. Maybe it was because I, myself, didn’t think to be beautiful. So I stayed away from the color. To this day, I rarely sport it. But when I see it, I’m mesmerized. by the tone. The color in itself is more than just pretty. It’s strong. Perhaps it’s why girls all over the world are drawn to it because it truly is empowering. Being in pink on this beautiful night, in the middle of a sunset made me feel a mixture of things, one of those is a sense of admiration. The desire to consider all things beautiful.

Today’s outfit , features a floral top from Old Navy. The texture and color fit well with the pink blooming trees. It was the right accent. So I keep it in the same color palette and added brown to help pull the look together. The heels from Bohme, are currently my favorite. They seem to fit perfectly with a good pair of jeans, a skirt, and even a dress.

Beautiful isn’t just in a color, it’s within us. It’s all around us. It’s what makes all life so special. Don’t forget to stop and admire the colors around you! You’ll be memorized too.

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