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Buffalo Exchange gear with style

The last semester of school was beyond challenging. Not only did my students want out, but so did I. The end of the year dragged on into eternity.

However once the last day of school came, I took it upon myself to create a list of things I want to do this summer. The items tracked back to doing things that make me happy. It was a “me” list. To be honest, I haven’t done anything concerning “me” in such a long time so here we are doing one of the top things on the list. BLOGGING.

To kick things off, I am bringing a much needed OOTD. Creating outfits was the first thing that made me love myself because I truly felt like it was the best way to express myself. This look brings edge and a lot of fun. I got the dress from Buffalo Exchange, a pretty cool thrift store in the heart of Dallas. The animal print was the main reason I was drawn to the dress, but I also imagined the scarf headband and the boots in addition. Together with the sunnies, I felt like this look was the perfect way to make a comeback on Always Aley.

The only thing I truly want to do this summer is focus on me. I’m going to pick up a book and actually finish reading it. I’m going to go out on that run. I’ll hike. I’ll bike. I’ll drink iced coffee. I’ll snuggle Chloe. It will be about me and you my friends will come along for the ride. I hope you’re ready. Thanks for your support.

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