Summer walk in dark denim


Urban Outfitters thrifted piece comes along on walk

Summer is all about taking walks. Walking around not only helps clear the mind, but also fuels inspiration. I’ve been struggling in both of these departments lately. So I’ve decided that no matter what, blogging or not, I’m going to go on a daily walk. With this, I plan to mentally take in the fresh air and just let Mother Nature nurture me.

Since I’ve returned from my weekend getaway in Fort Worth, I’ve been excited to showcase another item I picked up at Buffalo Exchange. This thrifted Urban Outfitters denim dress is perfect for hot-summer walks. I do admit that denim isn’t necessarily a go-to for beating the heat, but this strapless look made it possible.

In addition to the dress, the boots are back! Now I know that black and brown are frowned upon, but it’s a color combo I’m crazy over. In my eyes these tones compliment each other. To tie the look together I wore an animal print headband pulling shades from the dress and boots.

Lastly, my hair is growing. I hadn’t noticed until I was able to braid it. I’m enjoying this length right now, but who knows for how long. I miss my short hair and the easy styling. On the other hand, longer hair calls me. I’ll let time decide what I’ll do.

Going back to those walks. Take them people. Don’t take your phone either. Trust me. It’s the mental escape you need to help you get through days of uncertainty. And even if you aren’t dealing with a lot, they are good for your health, your spirit, and your heart. Thanks for stopping by again. Thinking of you all.

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  1. You must get to /Fort Worth more often. P.S/. Your short hair was great and stood out over lots of long hair copucats.

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