Give your hair some love with Hairitage


The Argan oil that will restore your locks

Here comes another summer post! Just hang tight, this one is good. When I’m working, I don’t treat my hair very nice. I damage it beyond mercy. There’s a constant need to style it and with this comes the heat and harsh sprays. I do like to take the time during the summer to restore my hair. And so I’ve discovered Hairitage!

This oil has been my favorite for about 2 weeks now as it is formulated with Argan, avocado and vitamins A, D, and E. This lightweight oil has been my go to for conditioning, but it can also be used to style and finish.

I begin my pumping it 1-2 times on my palm and rubbing it to warm the product up then I apply on damp hair. Next I continue to apply it mid-way through my hair until I have reached the roots. Now my roots are awful, so I give them extra care.

At this point, you can certainly blow dry, but for me, summer means air dry. So far, this product has giving my hair the strength it needs to feel and look healthy. Right now it’s not 100% cured, but I believe that is product will have major pay off in a month.

Another plus to this product is that it’s non-greasy. I tend to have oily hair so in the past I have strayed away from oil based products in fears of a greasy scalp, but Hairitage adds the shine without turning me off.

Lastly, this product is free of sulfate, phthalate, paraben, gluten, mineral oil, it’s color safe, cruelty free, and also vegan. I highly recommend the use of this product to anyone looking to restore their mane.

Beauty reviews are my favorite and I’m excited to bring you another one. Thanks for reading this post and stay cool.

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