Cool maxi-twist

Today’s Friday was nice. You could feel the warmth. As I wore this maxi-dress I could feel the cool breeze. Which was refreshing. I’m looking forward to the rest of my weekend. Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut, so I’m truly excited.  Today’s post is short. I gotta bounce. But, I leave you with my […]

Giraffe print

It’s hard to believe earlier today was bearable. Tonight, the snowflakes came pouring down and blessed us with some much needed moister. It’s funny how the weather acts. Yesterday was sunny with a high of 64. Tonight polar-opposite.  None-the-less, I wore my new giraffe-print-mini-heels and my new military jacket. I just felt they went well […]

KaleidEscape art show

I know I’ve been blabbing about posting pictures of this art show. Well, sorry for the late post, but here they are. This show was made possible by a group of talent women. Including two of my co-workers. They planned this whole show. It was amazing to see the community come together to help our […]

Layering for the count

Another challenge I’ve taken up, is layering. I want to expand my wardrobe. So today, I paired one of favorite pink-red sweaters, with my furry vest. To top it off I wore this red leather jacket. It’s so fun. For me, the coloring worked.  I’ll be posting more challenges soon.  Outfit: Jacket and sweater from […]

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