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Chill effect

Today was surprisingly cold. I shouldn’t be shocked. It is however fall. But it was cold in the sense that even inside the crowded hallways at my school, the students were curled up, holding blankets, and even wearing sweaters. So it’s officially that time of the year and I definitely felt it this morning. That’s […]

Jacket time

It’s dreary in good ole Dodge. It’s been that way all week. There’s a storm coming, we can feel it, but it’s not quite here yet. Until then, it’s notably the time to officially bring out the jackets. Not the coats, but the sweaters, long sleeves, and my favorite– the leather jacket. The thing that […]

Just a small change

It may not seem like a big deal. But, ever since the “break up,” I re-vamped my personal style. It has been such a blessing because it literally has made me feel like a new woman. New in the sense, that I’m “me” again. Single and ready for the adventure. One small (major for me) […]

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