Overall Burgundy

Hooray! I have finally beat the sickness that was consuming me alive. For the past month, Micah and I got sick, rather Micah got me sick. It was absolutely horrible. We had everything from fevers, the cough, running nose, and headaches. And as if things couldn’t get much worse, my period showed up just to […]

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While I can

You’ve seen this outfit on here before. It’s one of those that I wear to work, so you know it’s worthwhile. The reason why I continue to repeat it is because I adore wearing this sweater. I got it as a gift from my godson for Christmas. While I can, I’m going to wear it. […]

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Sweater weather

So far (luckily) we have had pretty nice weather. I mean it isn’t nice or toasty by any means, but I’ve gone jacket-less. Let me knock on wood. My Sunday and Monday were spent at the mall, Christmas shopping for everyone, even me. I picked up a lot of nice items that I can’t wait […]

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