Weekend Vibes

Although it’s the weekend, sadly I’m reporting that I’ll be Micahless until Monday. He’s off to visit his family in central Kansas. While he’s gone, I’d hope to accomplish a billion things, but nope. I’ve done absolutely nothing. It’s what I do best.

I have been beating the heat in these shorts and detailed top that was a gift from my mom. Some days are better than others in this heat. Today it’s been close to 100 degrees. Yesterday was still windy. Summer in Kansas is unpredictable as most weather conditions are here. As of right how it’s clear skies, sun, and dry heat.

While Micah is out fishing with his family, I’m inside enjoying the cool AC. I’ll see you back on Monday. I’m sending you weekend vibes. As always.



Friday stroll

Yesterday it literally rained cats and dogs. We’ve been pretty blessed this year with the amount of rain Kansas has received. So there’s nothing to complain about.

My day was spent shopping at Target and TJMAXX. I’m excited to show you all some of the things I’ve picked up. I’m also going to try to be more creative with IG and possibly post a haul on my findings.

In the meantime I’m excited to blog about this top I picked up from Loft. I’ve been shopping there lately because I’m absolutely in love with their petite section. It’s amazing and figure forming. I mainly shop here for my teacher wardrobe, but I enjoy a top that is perfect for a Friday afternoon stroll.

Micah and I are heading to his buddy’s wedding up state. It’s gonna be a great weekend road trip con mi vida. Wishing you the best. See you Monday. As always.

Sunny days

The sun is out and that mean shorts!

Now, I’m not big on shorts because at times I get a little insecure about my bottom. I can’t seem to find the right pair of shorts that makes me feel modest and sexy at the same time. If that’s even allowed. It’s hard people.

Many say I should be proud of my legs and butt, however I don’t see why it’s so great when I can’t find proper fitting bottoms. Anyway, I did run across these from Target. I like these shorts because they are the stretchy side and it helps– majorly.

Excuse the uneven tan lines and enjoy my top. It’s from H&M. As of lately I’ve been in between Zara and H&M. You’ve heard me talk about Zara for far too long that now I’ve decided to switch it around. To give everyone a break. So this top is one of my favorites because it’s short and the color (the splash of pink) is just my right type of shade. I’m usually not into the color pink so this one is great because it doesn’t wash out my skin tone. Plus check out the accent on the sleeves and bottom.

I’m also showing off this bracelet that my friend from San Fran gifted me with as a “see ya” soon parting. It’s totally her style. The dream catcher gives me hope that I’ll see her again.

Enjoy the heat if you’ve got it. As always. 1742911310

On the move


I had off today because of President’s Day. However it wasn’t necessarily a day off for me. I woke up pretty early to do some much needed chores around the house and also to run some errands in town. One of my cousins is getting married in April so today was a prefect day to purchase items for her upcoming bridal shower.

I wore this outfit for that. It’s been super windy today, so I wore gray tone jeans, a neutral blouse, and snake skin like flats that I got on sale from Charlotte Russe. I’ve been dying to wear them for sometime now and I’m so glad it was nice enough to wear them out.

If you’re off today, enjoy, for everyone else; I’ll see at you work tomorrow.


Spring Dream

Ouch! Today was cold. It hurt my heart.


It was Groundhog Day and supposedly and according to the critter, we are expected to have six more weeks of winter. I can hardly withstand it. I’m seriously dreaming of Spring and it’s coming slowly and painfully.

To easy my pain I wore this floral dress I bought from Charlotte Russe. Colors are both neutral and definitely read: “we will fine for now, but we want some warmth.” I paired the dress with black leggings and my favorite Steve Madden booties. On top, I wore my on repeat utilitarian jacket, just give off a cool vibe.

It’s supposed to be even colder tomorrow. But there’s hope for us yet, hang in there friends. As always.


Dodge Desert


It’s only Tuesday. Tuesday! It already feel like such a long week. I suppose it’s because there is so much to do and with so little time, the feeling drowns me. On the flip side. There’s still that nice warmth to the sun’s rays.

I’ll take that over any ole’ week.

Outfit: top from Charlotte Russe, bottoms from Forever21, boots from Shoedazzle, and jacket from JC Penny’s.

DSC_2784 DSC_2790 DSC_2804 DSC_2806 DSC_2815 DSC_2822

Work it


It seems like all I’ve been talking about lately is work, work, and more work. So, I thought it fair to share with you all sort of-kind of, what I wear at work. Now a lot depends on what’s on the agenda. Note: I’m a one-man-band reporter. So I carry a 25 lb camera, microphone, and tripod to every journey. Not every moment is heel worthy. But, when I’m down to work in the office rather than out in the field. I choose, heels and pencil skirts. My favorite. I’m pretty tiny, so the pencil skirt and heels seem to add some length. 

Yikes: did you all see my massive tan lines. I’m working on it okay. 

Outfit: top and pencil skirt from JC Penny’s and brown heels from Charlotte Russe 



Lunch Break 

Like I said not every moment is a heel day. I rest in the sun. You know let the toes roam free. 



Oh sunny days


Like I posted yesterday, we are now experiencing triple digit weather in Kansas. It’s hot and windy. So how do I keep cool? Well, I wear light-cotton dresses, like this one from Target. It allows me to feel the breeze, so to speak, but it’s still long enough to keep things modest in the work place. (hehe). And of course, I had to bust out the sunnies.

How do you keep cool, during scorching weather?

Outfit: dress from Target, shoes from Charlotte Russe, jewelry from Forever21, and Sunglasses from Wet Seal.


Tight socks


Hey guys. I’ve been gone… because I’ve been sick. But, today I am up to 89% feel good mode. There some bug going around. Must be the weird weather we are having. More snow expected this weekend. Major bummer. 

Anyway, today was warm enough to wear this outfit. A bit of short skirt (I’m not a huge fan). I paired the skirt with my good ole knitted Mexican socks. I absolutely love them They remind me of my motherland. Which I miss. Also, my new sweater from Forever21. My mom spoiled me last week. The skirt truly makes me pout. Wishing it was warmer, rather than just warm. Oh well. Take care everyone. 

Outfit: sweater, ring and skirt from Forever21, booties from Charlotte Russe, necklace from Lulu’s, and socks from finds in Mexico. 


Giraffe print


It’s hard to believe earlier today was bearable. Tonight, the snowflakes came pouring down and blessed us with some much needed moister. It’s funny how the weather acts. Yesterday was sunny with a high of 64. Tonight polar-opposite. 

None-the-less, I wore my new giraffe-print-mini-heels and my new military jacket. I just felt they went well together. With them, I added my gold-rush skirt and of course the ring set I’ve been bragging about. 

Outfit: jacket, sweater, tights, and heels from JC Penny’s, skrit from Charlotte Russe, bow blouse from downtown find store, Lorie’s, and ring set from Target.  

Try to keep warm, where you are cold.