Half in half

On Thursday, I got my wisdom teeth pulled. All four. It was a major ordeal. One I wasn’t quiet prepared for as I am now literally starving and in pain. I have never felt miserable, except for that one time where I lost my three front teeth in high school and my then boyfriend dumped me. Oh well, things could be a lot worse.

Naturally I have felt ugly for the past four days. Blame it on starvation. So today, I tried to pretty myself, you know to lift moral and it worked. I completely forgot what it was like to take care of yourself. Literally.

I wore these trousers from H&M that I’ve had for awhile and worn to school multiple times, because they are that comfortable. Since it’s been warm and windy I opted for wearing a ponytail and a cool silver top I found at TJMAXX. Both great wears for a not so comfortable life situation.

Here’s to feeling better, as always



#1 Without You


It’s too much to bare. The fact that I don’t get to see the boyfriend as often as I’d like. Missing him is great. Missing him is bittersweet. He inspires me. He’s my muse.

Lately, we’ve been on conflicting schedules. He’s doing his thing and I’m caught up doing mine. When we are together, time stands still, but when we are apart his scent lingers.

He coaches basketball and lately he’s been gone a lot! Way to much. I’m glad for his absence sometimes because that’s when I can truly appreciate him and how much he means to me. When he’s not around my head is filled with hopeful thoughts.

And so, this poem. I wrote it while he was a basketball retreat. My love for him grows more and more each day ever present and even when he’s far.

I guess Shakespeare got it right when he said “parting is such sweet sorrow.”