Deep down, I’m a sucker for some rock-n-roll. I’m a huge fan of Def Leppard and last year I got to see them live, which was amazing. From time-to-time I wear this shirt to remind me of their music and the killer concert I attended.

In October, the band Kansas will be in town, and you bet I’ll be attending. Until then I’ve got this shirt to give me the feels. Something else is the mules I bought last week. Yes, I’m still wearing them. I’ve been wearing them way to much lately, but there are no complaints. I’m simply just enjoying them.

Tomorrow, Micah and I are going to our town’s firework display. That’s about the extent of our celebration. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on what I’ll be wearing. Until then, have a happy Monday and an even safer 4th of July! As always.



Off Duty


Today was the last official day of semester 1. I’ve been having so much teaching that I just can’t believe how fast year 4 is flying. It seems like just yesterday was the first day of school and now we’re halfway through. Yikes!

Winter break is always my favorite break though, not just because it’s festive, but because I don’t have to travel around as much in the cold weather. The cold weather doesn’t motivate me in the least. What’s worse is that tomorrow we are expected to receive some heavy snow! Gasp.

Meanwhile, school’s out, and the first thing I did was jump into some leggings to be with cozy with. I had a couple errands to run before I couldn’t stand being cold any longer (I truly am I cold wimp).

I’ve been falling in love with purpose bag packs. This one is from Target. I bought it a few years back so that I could haul my camera around. Today it serves the purpose of carrying all these other unnecessary items; like store receipts.

Keep warm, friends, as always