With the wind

It’s not unusual for there to be wind gusting at 20 plus mph here in Dodge City. In fact, we quiet literally experience these frustrating times about four times a week. It’s become exhausting. In order to get me through these tiring times, I opt for wearing my hair in a high ponytail. It’s life saving.

Today, the hair was fully up giving me time to think and to cool off, two things I needed during the busy morning. These earrings helped bring my outfit together as they played sister to my heels. Now, the top although it may look fall inspired is actually a must have for warm weather. Forget the fall color. This top is super lightweight and cool. During the school year I often wear this top from H&M with a pair of slacks for a professional vibe. Today, as you can see, I’ve transformed it into everyday wear. *Pat on the back.


  • Earrings@ Gift
  • Top@ H&M
  • Jeans@ Pacsun
  • Heels@ Mexico find

One Year Amazing Giveaway Winners

Two lucky winners get the amazing 5 piece eye set from elf.

Winners I totally messed up on my email address (I was having a weird moment). But, contact me at either aleyrojas@gmail.com or message me on facebook. Let me have your street address and you will receive the set within the next two weeks.

Thanks for everyone who participated and made this past year such an amazing journey.

I love you.

As always,

JustFab video haul… it’s the first ever

Hi guys,

I have been working like super hard. Okay, not super hard, but hard enough to bring you THIS video. I am really excited. I had a blast throughout the whole process of the video-making, which included: showing off my new items, editing, and making fun of myself. It was a great experience overall. I am totally excited to share it with you all. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn and I am looking forward to wearing some of the pieces out and about.

As always, please give me you feedback, you can also email me at aleyrojas@gmail.com. AND make sure you follow me by liking this Facebook Page: Aleyrojas  

You can also check it out here: JustFab video haul