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I’m getting MARRIED

You should know… Micah asked me to marry him during Christmas break. It’s taken me so long to shout it through the rooftops for a reason– I have a huge family. Now that the entire Rojas-Womacks clan has been notified, it’s only right that you all hear about the good news. Last Saturday Micah and […]

The stand

It’s hard to talk to someone and to explain them a specific point if they aren’t willing to listen. When DACA comes to mind, I think of that exact notion. Why isn’t congress or our president listening to our cry? We are distraught. We are fearful. We have doubt. We feel betrayed. We feel at […]

With four days

Every soulful and traditional Mexican knows what having tamales around, during this time of year, really means. This year, it meant a lot more to us. It meant getting Christmas going. Literally. With only four days until Christmas Day, just yesterday we bought the Christmas tree. Today we put it up and decorated it. And […]

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