Weekend Vibes

Although it’s the weekend, sadly I’m reporting that I’ll be Micahless until Monday. He’s off to visit his family in central Kansas. While he’s gone, I’d hope to accomplish a billion things, but nope. I’ve done absolutely nothing. It’s what I do best.

I have been beating the heat in these shorts and detailed top that was a gift from my mom. Some days are better than others in this heat. Today it’s been close to 100 degrees. Yesterday was still windy. Summer in Kansas is unpredictable as most weather conditions are here. As of right how it’s clear skies, sun, and dry heat.

While Micah is out fishing with his family, I’m inside enjoying the cool AC. I’ll see you back on Monday. I’m sending you weekend vibes. As always.



Rough around the fringes


Remember that slow transition from summer to fall to eventually winter… this jacket says it all.

I immediately fell in love with it because I knew it would make a good companion to other staples in my closet. I also, immediately fell in love with it– considering it was the last lonely girl left on the rack. Fearing leaving it to suffer in the cold hanger, I took her home with me. She makes her first appearance here. Let me tell you it won’t be the last time.

Outfit: Dress, jacket and ring from Forever 21, boots old gift, glasses from The Buckle, and choker from Hot Topic.

DSC_2530  DSC_2528DSC_2533 DSC_2534 DSC_2536 DSC_2538 DSC_2539 DSC_2542 DSC_2544

Skirt up


Despite my misfortune, I’ve never felt so much better about myself. I feel super cute. Honestly, sometimes you just have to tell yourself “I’m freaking beautiful.” I’ve been going through a terrible break-up. To get me through each day, I’ve been dressing up, way different than I did when I was with “him.” It only seems fair that I change –for the best! I’ve had to find the courage to love myself first, to stand up for my heart, and snap out of it. Trust me NOOO guy is worth it. I know I seem to say it with such easy, trust me I’ve been a mess, but each day that passes I get a little bit stronger. You have to fall pretty deep to lift yourself up! I’m slowing jumping back up. 

So this outfit makes me feel like a million bucks! I know it’s December, but seriously we have had the best weather! And I feel truly blessed. I just love the skirt-tight combo. I’ve been rocking it for the past few weeks. The skirt is very winter-like. 

Its time for me to smile and trust that their is a bigger-better-plan for me. 

Everybody has to carry a cross, I’m doing that now– and it will be okay. 

Outfit: top, tights, and skirt from JC Penny’s, heels gifted, jewelry from Forver21. 


Over-exposed skirt


I just got a new lens for my camera. And I am loving it. But, we are testing the waters and today we got these over-exposed shots. I found them interesting, so we kept them.

Today’s weather is beyond amazing. It was sunny. It was warm. But, we are expecting snow tonight. Super sad face. So, I decided to show my legs off before I the winter storms hits us.  I mixed up fabrics by topping the lace skirt with the knitted sweater. And to rock out the look, I wore the studded open toe booties.

Outfit: jewelry, skirt, and sweater from Forever21, booties from Justfab.com


Tight socks


Hey guys. I’ve been gone… because I’ve been sick. But, today I am up to 89% feel good mode. There some bug going around. Must be the weird weather we are having. More snow expected this weekend. Major bummer. 

Anyway, today was warm enough to wear this outfit. A bit of short skirt (I’m not a huge fan). I paired the skirt with my good ole knitted Mexican socks. I absolutely love them They remind me of my motherland. Which I miss. Also, my new sweater from Forever21. My mom spoiled me last week. The skirt truly makes me pout. Wishing it was warmer, rather than just warm. Oh well. Take care everyone. 

Outfit: sweater, ring and skirt from Forever21, booties from Charlotte Russe, necklace from Lulu’s, and socks from finds in Mexico. 


Flowery dream


Like everyone else, I took advantage of designer Prabal Gurung’s line at Target. I picked up this dress because it totally screamed “me.” I’m typically a dark-dressed girl, so naturally I had to grab it because it had black, but to “spring” things up the flowers were definitely a must. And since our crazy Kansas weather has finally warmed up. I had to wear it! One of the things I love the most about this dress is the flower color. Today, I wore the dress with green heels, but I can certainly wear the dress with yellow, red, and blue heels. 

Outfit: Prabal Gurung dress from Target (can be found here), jewelry from Forever21, heels from Lulu’s (can be found here

I hope everyone has a great weekend, see ya Monday 🙂