From the bottom

I’m so excited to share with you all my new mules courtesy of H&M. It’s tough living in Dodge City sometimes, as southwest Kansas isn’t always fashion friendly. It’s a constant struggle for me. But I love home. Anyway, a lot of my friends scorned me for even trying to buy mules, so I didn’t buy them, until now. When I saw these I fell in love with everything about them. They are cool. They are textured. They are of perfect height. They are versatile. I’m just ready to wear them 24/7.

What I’ve learned about living in a small town is that people aren’t always going to be in your favor, but in order to stay true to who you are, you have to leave those thoughts behind. I’m me unapologetic. I hope this blog reflects that.

Today, I wore the mules with my new top from Maurices, because of late, it’s my go-to shop for in store browsing. The top is delicate itself so the mules give it a nice compliment.

I hope you enjoy seeing these babies often. As always.


Health Week Day 2: Hair Happy


Yes being healthy sometimes means getting a workout, but for it me it also means taking care of other areas, like my hair.

I used to have pretty, long, jet black hair then I hit the salon and well you know that goes.

So now it’s my mission to give my hair some therapy. It needs it.

As of late, I only wash my hair every other day, unless I workout consistently then it’s every day. After the shower, I make sure to oil it up with a leave conditioner and serum.

Currently my favorite hair products are Not Your Mother’s. They work amazing. They smell amazing. I discovered the “Way to Grow” line last year and let me tell you, it’s been amazing, not to mention the leave conditioner works wonders on my split ends.


My hair isn’t all the way perfect… yet, but from the help of this line, it’s sure to be better than before. I’ll have to share with you all a hair evolution post sometime, because the results are worthy of it.


The hair needs vitamins too, so the ones I take are by Spring Valley and the Women’s Vitafusion. So fair I have noticed so much change in my skin, hair, and nails that I hardly even wear makeup and I have to trim my nails every week. Crazy stuff. The two products in the back are the Tresemme Keratin Smoothing Serum I use in combination of the leave conditioner. The other is the Agadir Hair Shield which is a must if  you’re heavily putting your hair through heat. This product is my favorite because it not only products, but it also creates shine and a smooth fine. #winning

The word health is so extensive. It’s also a mindset–weird. Who wants to think about their health? Ha! It’s important to look at a small fraction of what we put in our bodies, but also on our bodies. Can’t wait share day 3 with you all tomorrow. As always.

Beauty in Novemeber


Continuing with my quest for beauty knowledge, this month’s Birchbox was filled with festive holiday goodies. Just in time.

Here’s what my box included:

  1. Raw Spirit Fragrances: Wild Fire Eau de Parfum– the detail say this fragrance is a woody blend and I couldn’t agree more. I used it this morning and all my students said I smelled like bark. In a good way, according to them.
  2. (MALIN + GOETZ): grapefruit face cleanser– what I really liked about this addition is that on top of being a trusty cleanser it also balances skins natural pH. Total BONUS. Oh and they added a bonus too. The moisturizer. Geez what a holiday gift.
  3. PARLOR by Jeff Chastain: Touchable Curl Cream– I actually tried this product this morning and it smelled yummy onto of work pretty swell. My hair is strange, sometimes it’s curly other times it’s like eh. So this helped my hair decide what it wanted to be this morning.
  4. LOC: Vibrant Matt Lipstick-Wildest Dreams –I’ve never tried a matte shade and while this color is not my usual choice, I liked trying out the matte feel. Wildest Dream is a deep red/orange color. I hope to share what it looks like on the blog soon.
  5. MAKE: Skin Illuminator– I didn’t notice too much of a change right off the bat using this product, but I’m excited to see the results within a week.

Like mentioned before, I know nothing of beauty, but I’m enjoying getting these boxes in the mail.

Hair Transformation

In case you missed it, I adopted a new hair color. So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, I decided to share with you all my hair transformation through the past years. 2012

In 2012, I had the crazy idea to chop my entire hair and get this pixie cut. Alice Cullen was my idol, so I thought, eh why not. Thus began not only my obsession with looking feminine, but also my headaches in growing my locks.


Slowly, but surely my hair grew. Word of advice if you are going cut your locks drastically know in advance that the growing out stages is not pleasant. There are multiple months that are awkward. There will be days where your hair will cooperate and allow you do pull it up, other days… forget it.


I literally jumped up and down, when my hair passed touched my shoulders. Heck I even cart wheeled when my hair passed them. Ombre was literally the thing last year, so I followed the trend and even went with drastic bands. This was probably my favorite part of the Aley for Hair Movement.


That same year, I added a Regis protein based shampoo and my hair grew a whole lot in the last six months of the year, up until mid 2015. It grew so much that I even lost the bands. And I can finally “see” the difference in length.


Above is my current hair, this time around I went for a deep/dark burgundy color. This is the first time that I go for this color. I love it so much. Next month my hair dresser encouraged me to visit her so we can add a violet tint. I’m pretty pumped.

*Literally if you’re ever in Kansas, visiting Leslie at Exotica will not disappoint you. I am a firm believer in having trust in the person who touches your hair. This girl always makes me feel wonderfully beautiful.

Feel free to send me questions concerning hair cuts and length statuses.

Do I think you should drastically change your hair? YES! Do it!

Welcome December

I’ve been doing a pretty terrible job at keeping you all updated on life lately. I hate to bore everyone with the “I’ve been so busy out of my mind” blah blah blah nonsense. So, I’ll skip the dramatics and I’ll simply say hello.

The truth is a lot has happened to me in the past couple of months. It’s been fun. It’s all been good. It’s all been a blessing.

Of course I have been documenting life in photos via my iPhone (honestly, why did I buy my Nikon?)

Any who, it’s late, but I thought the best way to share what I’ve been up to is by be thankful as sort of a goodbye November (I love you, I’ll miss you) and a slow transition to December (let’s end the year on a good note okay buddy?)

FullSizeRender IMG_1480 IMG_1600 IMG_1607 IMG_1640 IMG_1643 IMG_1644

1. Can we just take a minute to admire my hair? Goodness, now that’s a set of locks. Those of you that know me, know that I’m a fairly simple gal, meaning–I don’t EVER usually comb my hair. As of lately however, by the divine power of his mercifully, my hair has been so good and cooperative; I’ve been thanking it by blowing drying, combing (like actually combing it on the regular), straightening, and curling it. Thank you hair, love you.

2. I turned a quarter of a century plus one this year! I celebrated my birthday with great friends with the usual night out in the town, short dresses, and a lot of bubbly stuff. Oh and I got inked up. I’m thankful for another year!

3. Another huge millstone was my papa bear turning 50! Goodness! Honestly, I’d pretty much be a lost soul without this man. Not only does he spoil me rotten, but he also by no means necessary treats me like I’m some hopeless woman. For this I’m extremely thankful.

4. I’m also happily grateful for books (I’m currently reading “It’s Not Love, It’s Just Paris) and sweet pea scented candles.

5. A big “thank you” shout out goes to make-up! Although I’m a firm believer in “simple is chic,” I’m always thankful for my 50 shades of purple lipstick collection. Oh and that Stress Relief hand lotion from Bath and Body Works (you go lotion).

6. Lastly, music is the bomb! It literally is such a mood changer. And lately I’ve been jamming out every second I can. My Pandora has been playing non-stop. It’s crazy because I go, literally, from listening to Drake (I have the entire Wu-Tang Forever song memorized) to Def Leppard to Katy Perry to One Direction to Luke Bryan in like less than 5 minutes. Thank goodness for music!

xoxo, aleyrojas

Growing locks

This weekend’s crazy weather kept me inside. So, I reflected on my hair length. Man it’s grown.

ImageLast year, I decided to drastically change my hair length. I went uber short. And I enjoyed every minute of it. This short look was so fun to style, it was fast and simple. But, with every thing else I do– I change. I love to embrace change. And now, I’m growing out my hair. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s getting there. To keep my hair healthy while I’m growing it out, I use a lot of anti-heat lotions and sprays. I also comb it often. And if needed I don’t blow dry daily. One thing I’m sooo happy to see is the curls again. When I first cut my hair short, I lost my waves, but now they are back. And they make styling so much easier.

Monday messy mane

Ah, Mondays! Don’t we all love them. This Monday, just like every other one or so, I only had less than minutes to get ready. Meaning… short time for my hair (sorry hair). None-the-less, whenever I don’t have enough time, I keep my locks messy, curling only bits and pieces. I also use one of favorite sprays from the John Frieda collection. This one is called root awakening, it’s a strength boosting leave in spray. I like this one in particular because it has vitamins to help improve hair health.

Happy Monday you all, remember 4 days till the weekend.