Talk about the back

Tomorrow I return to work. While I’m excited to start the new school year, I’m also anxious, nervous, and a bit on the unmotivated side of things. It’s year five for me, but something inside of me still wants to be in Mexico.

So while the realization of school starting back up is more than real and I can’t physically be in my motherland, these pictures will have to suffice.

These pictures take me back to the endless hours of walking through these woods that sit behind my grandparent’s home. Micah and I would explore this area and enjoy our love quietly, holding hands.

On this day I wore this pretty and simple top from the Buckle. It’s pretty long so my white shorts are appear invisible sometimes, which I liked. I typically wouldn’t wear something like this in Dodge because my students would look at me strangely. But I took advantage of being away from the noise to wear this daring top. My favorite part is the back side. I enjoyed the cutout detail and how I was able to flaunt a little more of my back than usual.

My sandals are Skechers. I bought them especially for the mission trip. They are EVERYTHING! I wore them everyday because of their comfort and design. They were also on sale for $19.99. Oh joy! You’ll be seeing them on here more than you’d like.

With school starting on Monday, my time blogging will simmer down, but don’t forget about me. I’ll post often. As always.




Deep down, I’m a sucker for some rock-n-roll. I’m a huge fan of Def Leppard and last year I got to see them live, which was amazing. From time-to-time I wear this shirt to remind me of their music and the killer concert I attended.

In October, the band Kansas will be in town, and you bet I’ll be attending. Until then I’ve got this shirt to give me the feels. Something else is the mules I bought last week. Yes, I’m still wearing them. I’ve been wearing them way to much lately, but there are no complaints. I’m simply just enjoying them.

Tomorrow, Micah and I are going to our town’s firework display. That’s about the extent of our celebration. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on what I’ll be wearing. Until then, have a happy Monday and an even safer 4th of July! As always.




Today I wore this plaid shirt. At first glance it doesn’t seem that special, specific, darling, eye-opening, but it’s comfortable, versatile, gentle, and homey.

Those are the pieces that I love the most. The ones I can wear time-and-time again. I’d love to say that my closet is full of mystery- fashion-forward pieces, but I’m just a regular Kansas girl showcasing what I’ve got to work with and that my friends is a plain.

An occasionally some fitted jeans and flats.

It’s a triple-threat you can’t ignore.

What’s your most comfortable piece of clothing? As always.




When I was younger, the holiday season was spent in Mexico, my motherland. As I’ve grown older, and more responsibilities have been given to me, those trips have become obsolete. My busy American life has filled my being with hectic “to-do” schedules and never ending routines of “be here” and “do that.” Deep sigh.

This morning, I woke up thinking about Mexico and the country-living my parents took me out of, at age three. I thought about the blue sky, the tall palm-like trees, the markets filled with busy merchants, the food stands, and of the warm-breeze (mostly).

I suppose the only really reason I’m missing the south so much is because today for the first time all fall, I was cold. Cold to the bones. Tis’ the season I know. It’s too much to bare and yet it’s ever so appropriate.

I’m currently on break, officially, as of 1 p.m. I won’t be surrounded by students for awhile and so I’m left to enjoy the company of a good book,  tea, and this, Mexican festive top.

While I can’t be in Mexico, I can be here, reminiscing and wearing this top that makes me feel so much closer to my roots.

Outfit: Top was gifted, hat from Forever 21, and blocked heels from H & M.


Romper maybe


Again, I bought another piece from the Stefano Di Roma. This time it was this romper. The thing that I love most about it is that yes, it’s black, but it’s also loose. It’s deceiving in a sense because everyone thinks it’s a dress. Also, it is very winter/fall, and that’s exactly what I need to switch my up my rotation.

I’ve been pretty bare-legs this week mainly because the weather has been so nice, however it looks like we will be getting snow/rain/colder temperatures here this weekend.


Summer shortage


The mornings have been crisp, which only means one thing, summer is a thing of the past. Officially. I’m not truly ready for fall or winter, but I know that it must come. My transition to colder weather has been slow. Meaning, sometimes it’s  non-existing.

DSC_2508 DSC_2512 DSC_2513 DSC_2515 DSC_2516

Outfit: hat from Forever 21, top gift from Mom, shorts from Stefano Di Roma catalog, and sandals from ShoeDazzle

Celebrating Independence


Happy Independence Day to all my U.S. buddies.

I didn’t “officially” become an American Citizen until I was 21 years-old. And even through those 21 years, I never felt not American. I grew up in this country. And today, gives me the opportunity to celebrate what this country truly is about– independence.

Yay, for the red, white, and blue. Inspired by those very colors is today’s outfit. And of course today, more than any other day, the flag is waving in hand.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th. I’ll be celebrating with my family over BBQ and a community firework display. Cheers.

Outfit: heels from Shoedazzle, jeans from PacSun, white top from Target, jean vest and jewelry from Forever21, and hat from Old Navy