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Chill effect

Today was surprisingly cold. I shouldn’t be shocked. It is however fall. But it was cold in the sense that even inside the crowded hallways at my school, the students were curled up, holding blankets, and even wearing sweaters. So it’s officially that time of the year and I definitely felt it this morning. That’s […]

Mayfar Day 2: When the sunrises, I live

  This week at school is Suicide Prevention Week. For me, suicide is many things. It’s mixed feelings such as hate, regret, blame, selfishness, pain, and uncertainty. This is a tough subject all across the board. I had never encountered a death like this until last year, when one of my students took his life. […]

Valencia Day 1: But now they’re dead 

  It’s pretty obvious that I have posted as of lately. But, today in class we started the blogger series and I shared with my Digital Media Students my blog.  It was sort of rough showing this site to them because while at one point I was pretty passionate about this medium, I had fell […]

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