First Day Back

Oh the first day back to school. When I was younger I dreaded this day, but now it’s filled with different emotions.

Today I started year 5! Gosh I can hardly believe it. It seems so unreal that five years ago I transitioned into this special profession. So far being a teacher has been such a blur. Maybe it’s because I never imagined I’d be here, but teaching has fueled so many passions it’s only natural I can’t seem to find the correct words to explain what I’m feeling.

It all begins with that nervous and anxious feeling of getting back into a solid routine. I’m also excited to see my students both filled with worry and enthusiasm. Then I feel a huge disconnect from my summer love–my bed. Lastly I feel inspired. Returning to school always makes me feel as if I have to set new goals for myself.

Of course I want to be a good role model, I want to teach passionately, I want to create opportunities, make students wonder, share innovative ideas, etc.

As of late, I just want to relate. I want students to look at me and think, “she’s just like us.” I want them to see my mistakes and learn from them. I want them to see what life altering changes I’m making and hope they be moved by them. I want to show and tell. I want students to use my fears and turn them into their fighting courage. Most importantly I want them to challenge themselves farther than ever simply because they can. Simply because I’ve got their backs.

And just as year 5 began I realized, that this is where I need to be.


What I wore: Skit was a Mexican store find, I’m going to update you all on soon. Top and necklace from Maurice, and my shoes (I was on my feet all day so I needed band aids by the end) are from JCPenney.

I’ll share more details about these items later. For now, I’m just adjusting to being back. It feels good.

PS: I also love school so much because this is where I met the love of my life. Mr. Womacks. I 143 him!

On a sad note, our family and consumer science teacher, Mrs. Voran passed away on Saturday after her long fight with cancer. School today seemed so off. It was different to start on a sad note. She was a great work-friend. And I enjoyed watching her interact with her club, FCCLA. She will be missed, but her devotion for teaching will live on. I dedicate this blog to her.

As always,


Mix Match

The moment I saw this pretty sweater from Maurices my heart melted. Still on the hanger, I imagined the endless outfits this sweater could bring. With that said, this cut-out love was going in my closet. So for the first time, I paired it with this red skort from Forever 21. I’ve haven’t worn these bottoms as often as I’d like, so when browsing for what would look great with the sweater, I instantly knew these two would compliment each other perfectly. And they do! I’m always thrilled when I see the shades of pink and red mixed together. I quiet enjoy how these colors feed off of each other in such a way that love is transmitted in my soul. Oh to love…

Also on the blog are these heels again. They are new and they are on repeat.

In less than three days, Micah and I will be traveling to Yucatan, Mexico for a wonderful mission trip. I’ll have limited internet access, but I’ll be posting as often as I can. Until then, I’ll be sharing what I’m packing, and how I’m preparing to serve the Lord. As always.




Today wasn’t a good day, weather wise. It was cool and windy. On top of that, there was just so much to do. I spent the majority of the day running up and down trying to get tiny tasks done. It was a bit frustrating that small items couldn’t be completed in a timely manner. It seems like during windy times frustration lurks around.

To help easy my frustration, I wore my hair in a ponytail. The top is an outlet find from Express. It’s new. Another new item are these heels I bought for a wedding I attended last weekend. They are from JCPenny’s. I have a feeling like these heels will be my go-to.

This weekend I’m taking a trip to Wichita to see my friend, it’s long overdue. Be sure to follow me on IG for videos and photo uploads. If not I’ll see you on Monday, as always.

With blue

This is yet another old outfit from some file photos that appeared they were lost. I’m glad I’m now finding them because it makes me feel productive when it comes to blogging. We both know I haven’t been very good at keeping everyone updated. I’m trying. Just give me a break.

These photos take me back to the day I purchased this top from JCPenney. I usually buy items like these because they can work in so many settings from work to date nights. It’s timeless pieces like these that really make me fall in love with clothing each and every day. Another reason why I enjoy this top so much is because of the vibrant blue and how well it flows even during windy days. The moment I wore it to school, my students gave me so many compliments. When that happens, I repeat the top, so that’s why I wore it around town.

It’s a gloomy day, but that’s not keeping me from getting things accomplished. As always.


Flower punch


The weather has been a major tease lately. It’s seriously confusing me and at times, making me angry. It’s so hard to plan for the day with the unexpected cold fronts or the sudden rays of heat. But today I said, “oh the heck with it,” and opted for wearing this coral colored spring dress. A girl can dream of spring, right?

Because it’s not quiet spring yet, I paired the dress with my black sandals and leather jacket, for again my take on the cool-girl vibe. Hehe. Combining soft and tough is one my favorite staples. I’m always looking for ways to edge out my delicate pieces. I typically throw on a leather jacket or military boots to achieve the fem-edge look? I’m fond of it.

Weather permitting, I’d like show off my legs a little more. Not for you, but for me cause man they need the sun. I’ll keep you posted. As always.


On the move


I had off today because of President’s Day. However it wasn’t necessarily a day off for me. I woke up pretty early to do some much needed chores around the house and also to run some errands in town. One of my cousins is getting married in April so today was a prefect day to purchase items for her upcoming bridal shower.

I wore this outfit for that. It’s been super windy today, so I wore gray tone jeans, a neutral blouse, and snake skin like flats that I got on sale from Charlotte Russe. I’ve been dying to wear them for sometime now and I’m so glad it was nice enough to wear them out.

If you’re off today, enjoy, for everyone else; I’ll see at you work tomorrow.


Light on the eyes


I’m ending the work week with this beautiful lace dress. This is one of my favorites because it’s the right length in all the right places. I got it from JCPenney. I know it’s not quiet spring time yet, but the coral color of this dress makes me feel cozy and warm. The weather has been cooperating enough to allow me to feel good in this outfit.

I paired this dress with neutral booties. Have I mentioned just how much I’m digging neutral items as of late? It’s a thing and it’s my life currently. I got the boots last year from ShoeDazzle.

The ring is an old find from Forever 21. This weekend I want to enjoy the weather and spending some quality time with Micah, we haven’t been able too in awhile.

Have a great one. See you back on Monday. As always.


Work Wear 1

I  know it’s silly to start posting about what I wear during the work week on a Thursday, but can you just be jealous of me for one minute, that’s when I started working again. Any how, I’ve created a new tab titled Work Wear, in which I want to share with you guys snaps of what I wear to work.

I sometimes feel like my closet is two different people. On one end, I’m very formal, on the other very laid back. I’d like to share with you all the difference. Ive struggled all my life with these two sectors and it’s about time to just give up and embrace it. I’m versatile and that’s okay. I have no fashion sense and that okay. I mismatch, and that’s okay.

I’m okay with it all, hence this blog.

Anyhow, I promise to keep this series going and deliver you Monday thru Friday content.

Enjoy this “terrible two” starter pack. See ya Monday!


Autumn Patches


Now that the leaves have finally fallen, it truly feels like autumn. Post Thanksgiving wears well on Mother Nature.

In order to celebrate the crisp and colorful leaves, I wore this neutral dress and utility jacket. This outfit really got me into the mood. The festive mood.

We’ve been graced with wonderful weather so wearing something like this has been a joy, especially for some Christmas shopping around town. The boots you’ve seen on here before. I got them at Forever 21. They are perfect for running around because of the blocked heel. I never get tired.

School starts back up on Monday and while I’m happy to be off for a little bit longer; I’m also ready to get back into gear and to close off the year with style.

Outfit: gifted dress, jacket from JCPenney, and boots from Forever 21


Scarf up

2I own a handful of scarves.

The majority of the scarves I own are strictly winter issued. Out of the ones I own, my favorite is this one because it is so thick and wool-like. I typically wear this one in particular when there’s snow on the ground, but on this day, I couldn’t help but accessorize it with my new sweater dress.

The sweater dress has been on my “must-have” list for some time now and I finally found it at Forever 21. The reason why I love it so much is because it’s so versatile. I’ve actually been able to wear it as a dress and as a top. This is one of those items that is meant for my everyday life, but I’ve actually managed to wear it to school too. Double score.

Lastly, the boots, were a gift I received from my mom ages ago, but they are favorite. I’m currently in the hunt for knee-high boots and I hope I can find them soon.

The days are getting more and more chilly. I’m not sure how long I’ll have until I have to strictly button-up. Until then I’ll bare the chill and continue to post pieces like this.

Outfit: Scarf was gifted, gifted boots from JCPenney, and sweater dress from Forever 21.