Happy Wednesday.

My brother graduated from Newman University this past weekend. I was thrilled to see my parents have both a twinkle in their eyes and prideful smiles. For them, Javier graduating marks three-out-of-three children, all done with college. They can unbutton their jeans. Ha! It was a happy time. It was a warm time.

Spring or warmer weather is finally here, which thrills me even more. This is giving me an excuse to wear this romper from Target. The fabric is soft and relaxed for a comfortable wear. I enjoyed wearing it because I could finally let the legs roam the Earth. Currently they need all the sun exposure they can get. Ignore the terrible tan lines. I’ll fix them up.

T-minus 7 days until school is officially over! There will more blogging to come. Hang tight.

P.S. The boyfriend took these pictures. I’m so thankful he was willing. As always.



Flower power

This outfit is another take from my fun weekend. I wore this all day during the movies and my brother’s soccer game. Let’s talk about the pants. I found them while picking up beauty items. Don’t you love going to the store for one thing, but leaving with other things. I’m queen of that. But, none-the-less, I fell in love with these because of the wash and of course because of the flowers.  They were perfect during the soccer game because there was a cool breeze.

Do you have print pants you love to rock?

Outfit: blouse and sandals from JC Penny’s, jewelry from Forever21, and pants from Target.