Friday stroll

Yesterday it literally rained cats and dogs. We’ve been pretty blessed this year with the amount of rain Kansas has received. So there’s nothing to complain about.

My day was spent shopping at Target and TJMAXX. I’m excited to show you all some of the things I’ve picked up. I’m also going to try to be more creative with IG and possibly post a haul on my findings.

In the meantime I’m excited to blog about this top I picked up from Loft. I’ve been shopping there lately because I’m absolutely in love with their petite section. It’s amazing and figure forming. I mainly shop here for my teacher wardrobe, but I enjoy a top that is perfect for a Friday afternoon stroll.

Micah and I are heading to his buddy’s wedding up state. It’s gonna be a great weekend road trip con mi vida. Wishing you the best. See you Monday. As always.


Celebrating 15 years with family


Although, I didn’t have one. One of my favorite tradition is the Quinceañera. And this weekend we celebrated my younger cousin’s 15th birthday– with family. A lot of family. It was great and special. The fiesta filled me with pride because the transition from a girl to a young woman can be emotional. But, if you are celebrating with the right people, it truly is meaningful. I am very proud of Vanessa. It’s hard to believe she has grown so much. 

And I was super glad to share this special day with her– all in blue. 

Outfit: dress and necklace from Forever21, heels from, and the purse was a gift. 


Oh sunny days


Like I posted yesterday, we are now experiencing triple digit weather in Kansas. It’s hot and windy. So how do I keep cool? Well, I wear light-cotton dresses, like this one from Target. It allows me to feel the breeze, so to speak, but it’s still long enough to keep things modest in the work place. (hehe). And of course, I had to bust out the sunnies.

How do you keep cool, during scorching weather?

Outfit: dress from Target, shoes from Charlotte Russe, jewelry from Forever21, and Sunglasses from Wet Seal.


Farewell year, you’ve been great

new years


This year has been great. I have so much to be thankful for. I launched the aleyrojas in April and since then I have been blessed. I have been able to document my life and have captured some pretty awesome memories. It’s been fun. But, I can’t help but look ahead. The future is so unexplainable yet and I yearn to live it. Tomorrow will be year 2013, but today (the last day of the year), I celebrate life with my grandparents, my parents, my younger brothers, and family. It’s the best feeling to have everyone together for the final hooray. Before we say hello to 2013, here are my favorite moments of 2012. I wish you all a very warm and happy New Year!!!

xo aleyrojas

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Gold rush obsessions

Don’t you just hate ordering something online and waiting and waiting for the package to arrive? I do, the wait, sometimes is beyond unbearable. Today, however, I received my much anticipated order from Lulu’s– it was joyous!

These are only two of the four items I just had to have. A perfect versatile gold watch and this ring! As usual, I can’t wait to wear them out.


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Lacey Jewels

Hi everyone, it has been a busy-crazy work day. I have gotten a couple e-mails in regards to the dress I wore to my cousin’s wedding.

Although, I didn’t completely feature it, here is the awesome detail–the main reason why I had to have it. And with it is the bracelet I wore. It matched perfectly. I promise that I will post a full OFTD of this weekend’s festivities.

Love ya all…

Dress from Forever21 and bracelet from