Friday stroll

Friday stroll

Yesterday it literally rained cats and dogs. We've been pretty blessed this year with the amount of rain Kansas has received. So there's nothing to complain about. My day was spent shopping at Target and TJMAXX. I'm excited to show you all some of the things I've picked up. I'm also going to try to [...]


Oh sunny days

Like I posted yesterday, we are now experiencing triple digit weather in Kansas. It's hot and windy. So how do I keep cool? Well, I wear light-cotton dresses, like this one from Target. It allows me to feel the breeze, so to speak, but it's still long enough to keep things modest in the work [...]

Gold rush obsessions

Don't you just hate ordering something online and waiting and waiting for the package to arrive? I do, the wait, sometimes is beyond unbearable. Today, however, I received my much anticipated order from Lulu's-- it was joyous! These are only two of the four items I just had to have. A perfect versatile gold watch and this ring! [...]

Fur in love

  I wore this outfit my to younger brother's soccer game. It was intense. They won, but the night was super chilling. I mixed brown tone colors with the blue skinny' s. Outfit: beanie, belt, sweater, and jewelry from Forever21, fur vest little gift, and boots from      

Lacey Jewels

Hi everyone, it has been a busy-crazy work day. I have gotten a couple e-mails in regards to the dress I wore to my cousin's wedding. Although, I didn't completely feature it, here is the awesome detail--the main reason why I had to have it. And with it is the bracelet I wore. It matched [...]