Weekend Vibes

Although it’s the weekend, sadly I’m reporting that I’ll be Micahless until Monday. He’s off to visit his family in central Kansas. While he’s gone, I’d hope to accomplish a billion things, but nope. I’ve done absolutely nothing. It’s what I do best.

I have been beating the heat in these shorts and detailed top that was a gift from my mom. Some days are better than others in this heat. Today it’s been close to 100 degrees. Yesterday was still windy. Summer in Kansas is unpredictable as most weather conditions are here. As of right how it’s clear skies, sun, and dry heat.

While Micah is out fishing with his family, I’m inside enjoying the cool AC. I’ll see you back on Monday. I’m sending you weekend vibes. As always.



New things, new hopes

Hi! I am on bloglovin.com, so make sure you add me. I also have the icon to the side. Hopefully you enjoy this little upgrade. I’m hoping I can work more on this blog. At the moment I’m caught up my work life.

I plan on posting tonight so stay tuned. You all are great!

As always,


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