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Tomato Pesto and BBQ Chicken

I’m a huge foodie. By this I mean that I won’t oppose to eating. I will eat your food without complaint and hesitation on the contrary with pleasure I’ll delight my tummy. Here’s the thing. I don’t cook. At all. As of late though I’ve had my running with almost burning the place down, spilling […]

Red it

One of my favorite colors is red. Next to purple of course. The school that I teach at sports with pride the big red and blue. So naturally a lot of my items include red pieces, like this cardigan. This one in particular I wear duringĀ  the casual parts of my life. It doesn’t necessarily […]

Theology Thursday: Holy Habits

I’ve decided to begin a spiritual series that will be available every Thursday. I’m doing this because I have a great need and passion for my God. He’s been in my life, ever present, since as long as I can remember. My faith comes from my family, my church, my struggles, and my accomplishments. At […]

Problems resolved

I have played soccer since I was 9 years-old. When it comes to being a girlie-girl, you’ve got it. I’ll wear the dress, do the make up, accessorize, pack the purse with all the goods. But when you are looking for a high-passion-competitive athlete, I don’t fall short. From grass stains, to blocking, to kicking […]

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