With the wind

It’s not unusual for there to be wind gusting at 20 plus mph here in Dodge City. In fact, we quiet literally experience these frustrating times about four times a week. It’s become exhausting. In order to get me through these tiring times, I opt for wearing my hair in a high ponytail. It’s life saving.

Today, the hair was fully up giving me time to think and to cool off, two things I needed during the busy morning. These earrings helped bring my outfit together as they played sister to my heels. Now, the top although it may look fall inspired is actually a must have for warm weather. Forget the fall color. This top is super lightweight and cool. During the school year I often wear this top from H&M with a pair of slacks for a professional vibe. Today, as you can see, I’ve transformed it into everyday wear. *Pat on the back.


  • Earrings@ Gift
  • Top@ H&M
  • Jeans@ Pacsun
  • Heels@ Mexico find

Jump on this

It’s been awhile since I’ve worn this jumper. When I first saw it at Forever 21, I completely, and without thinking got it. Since then I’ve only worn it a handful of times because while it was a great find, it was difficult for me to find different ways to wear this piece.

Today, I decide it to wear a basic white t-shirt underneath it in order to give it a street style vibe. It was perfect for running errands. I also paired it with my day 1 sandals from the Buckle. I got these baby’s way back in the day. I’ve taken such good care of them that to this day, they still keep me satisfied.

In contrast, I wore these bright coral ear rings from the Buckle in order to add variation. This color addition added a unique pop to this outfit. I rather enjoy when colors make a surprise good mix.

What do you think of this color combination? Happy Tuesday, as always.


Green for life


I know it’s a little late, but I wanted to share this post before the day is officially over.

This week has been a little rough, at our district we lost two middle school students. It was tough on everyone, but today I told my students that they needed to live a life that was fruitful, because they each had a purpose so special and unique it would be a shame not see it through. I’d do anything for my students, in fact, I told them I’d fight any fight for them. Honestly why wouldn’t I? They are my well being, my everyday, my tomorrow.

Since yesterday I wore a touch of green, I decided that today, I would promote life by wearing green. It was such a beautiful day, despite the tragedies. However, this green dress made me feel full of life, warmth, and it gave me vibrant vibes. I styled this outfit with a black sweater and combat boots, you know to fight on through. The cutout in the back is my favorite thing about this dress. It’s fun.

Today if it’s in your heart, pray for the families of these two students, they lost their lives in different ways for different reasons. However the pain they left behind is equally damaging.

Think of their families during this time. As always.


This Love

When it comes to falling in and out of love, I’ve done things I’m not proud of. I’ve been hurt, terribly, but I’ve also hurt others out of spite.

However, there is one thing I actually did well, and that was falling in love with Micah!

My love life hasn’t always been easy, but with Micah, even fighting is worth every moment. He and I are completely different. Some of those differences are evident. We come from different worlds and we were raised under different circumstances, but all the while these things make us appreciate one another. He’s sentitive, gentle, and kind, while I’m harsh, intimating, and almost at a glance mean. It’s true, couples balance each other out, and we are no exception.

I was a fool to think that I knew what love was before I meet Micah, oh I was deeply mistaken. I’d gladly go through every ounce of heartbreak again if I knew God had this wonderful person waiting for me at the end of the storm.

Yesterday, Micah and I celebrated 10 months of dating. Yes we’ve only been dating for 10 months. It doesn’t seem like much, but in reality it seems like such a lifetime. Every day, I fall more and more in love with him for so many reasons, I decided to make a list. The list will lead up to No. 1 and the most important aspect of my love for Micah.

10. His personality: Micah loves to laugh at his own jokes and while at times they are beyond ridiculous, I’m quiet fond at them now.

09. His smile: Sometimes when I’m not looking, I’ll turn and just catch him smiling at me, that smile is the best one. It literally weakens me. It makes me feel giddy. Oh man and if there’s a wink to follow (and there usually is) I’m a goner.

08. The way he listens: I’m a talker. I gossip, I complain, and I vent. Bless Micah for always listening even when I have to talk about the most unthinkable girl situations.

07. How much he cares: And not just about me, but how much he cares about his job and students, his family, his friends, his athletes, and his person as a whole.

06. His good looks: Micah is easy on the eyes. His eyes sparkle. I could stare into them for hours on end. His lips are to die for. I could watch them for hours, especially when he’s talking about some sporting thing. His looks makes me feel insecure and at times vulnerable, but he unwillingly makes me feel confident too.

05. His drive: Whether he knows it or not, his will to grow into a better person motivates me to do the same. He’s so driven and passionate about his future. He’s a man with goals and in turn his attitude about life helps me challenge myself.

04. He’s learning Spanish: English is my second language hence my parents don’t speak English fluently. It’s tough on Micah. It’s on my parents. But together the three of them are inter-connecting by the grace of God. It’s so endearing to see him interacting with my parents in this way. We practice Spanish verses and words from-t0-time because he wants to learn. For that reason, I’m so grateful for him. His effort to make my parents feel special by doing this makes me love him even more.

03. He’s attentive: But, not overbearing. It’s just right and as if by magic he knows when I need him and when he just needs to stand back. He gives me space, but he also shows me he cares even when he’s 110% busy. There isn’t a part of each day where I’m unsure if he’s thinking about me.

02. He’s proper: Micah’s got good manners. He’s respectful and also very polite. He knows his rights from his wrongs and isn’t afraid to point out when I’m failing. He’s got a good head on his shoulders.

01. He’s a man of God: If there’s one advice I can give a girl looking for their Prince Charming it would be to look for a man who loves Jesus. Through Micah’s devotion to the Lord, I can see how genuine, truthful, faithful, and loving he really is. He loves Jesus and the word and strives everyday to be a disciple. In turn, he leads me and my faith to the cross. Any preconceived ideas my mind may make up are quickly diminished because of Micah’s faithfulness in Jesus. This is the main reason, I fell so much in love with Micah. It’s true what they say a man who loves Jesus and isn’t afraid to say so, is attractive. So ladies find a man that puts Jesus in his heart. That’s a man worthy of your love.


I celebrated Valentine’s Day in red. I bought this dress about two years ago at Dillard’s. I love the detail in the front and on the neckline. It radiates romance and passion. Both things that I feel for Micah. I paired the dress with neutral heels and copper earrings.

Red it


One of my favorite colors is red. Next to purple of course. The school that I teach at sports with pride the big red and blue. So naturally a lot of my items include red pieces, like this cardigan. This one in particular I wear during  the casual parts of my life. It doesn’t necessarily keep me warm, but it does give the majority of my outfits that stamp of approval. And I approve.

The color red, for me anyway, also represents that Christmas is right around the corner and this too, puts me in a festive mood. Yet again. It’s hard to believe that there are only 12 days left until Christmas break. Gasp.

I’ll continue to post as many bare legged outfits as the weather will grant me permission with.

Outfit: Converse shoes, dress catalog find, and cardigan from Forever 21.


Burgundy leather


Although it might not seem like it; there are a lot of awesome things taking place in these photos.

For one are these burgundy leather pants. Ever since my hair went that color it seems like my clothes have followed pattern. So it was almost perfect when my first StitchFix mail order came in that these pants were present. When things like this happen it just seems like the universe aligns just for you. It’s magical.

Second are my new pointed oxford’s from Forever 21. I have been searching the depths of the ocean for a pair as perfect and shiny as these. I’ve about lost all hope, when I decided to browse the site one last time and ran into these. I’ll probably be wearing them all this week. So don’t tire.

Third and in case you didn’t notice there are a lot more photos in today’s post than before. I have to confess that I take my own photos. I love being a photographer. But, it’s really hard to take photos of yourself. I’ve been struggling and majorly practicing as of late. Sometimes my techniques work and other times it’s just a mess. It’s a work in progress and I know I have a looonnnggg way to go. But let’s do a happy dance because today’s photos aren’t atrocious.

Oh and fourth, we got snow again, it’s wonderful.