Sunny days

The sun is out and that mean shorts!

Now, I’m not big on shorts because at times I get a little insecure about my bottom. I can’t seem to find the right pair of shorts that makes me feel modest and sexy at the same time. If that’s even allowed. It’s hard people.

Many say I should be proud of my legs and butt, however I don’t see why it’s so great when I can’t find proper fitting bottoms. Anyway, I did run across these from Target. I like these shorts because they are the stretchy side and it helps– majorly.

Excuse the uneven tan lines and enjoy my top. It’s from H&M. As of lately I’ve been in between Zara and H&M. You’ve heard me talk about Zara for far too long that now I’ve decided to switch it around. To give everyone a break. So this top is one of my favorites because it’s short and the color (the splash of pink) is just my right type of shade. I’m usually not into the color pink so this one is great because it doesn’t wash out my skin tone. Plus check out the accent on the sleeves and bottom.

I’m also showing off this bracelet that my friend from San Fran gifted me with as a “see ya” soon parting. It’s totally her style. The dream catcher gives me hope that I’ll see her again.

Enjoy the heat if you’ve got it. As always. 1742911310


A shower


It’s not customary in our family to have bridal showers, so this is my first. My cousin is getting married in April and we are fine tuning all the details that are leading up to her wedding day. There’s a lot. One of those includes a shower that took place this past weekend. Friday I didn’t post anything because I was busy decorating and helping put this all together.

My cousin’s Maid of Honor had the genius idea to decorate the place with a lot of pearls, gold, and pink! She was far more creative than I could ever be. Thank goodness for people like her. I’m excited to share more wedding related items until the big day.

Until then, enjoy these pictures of the decorations of her Bridal Shower.


Pink for your thoughts

Burr, burr, burr. We are still in the cold zone. I wish it was gone. So I’ve stayed inside. But, I’ve had some to think about some things I’d love to see in my closet. I have way too much black, well dark colors, so I thought. Light and soft is probably a good change. So here’s to pink. Oh and there still some black in there. 


I love lace, jewels, and flamingos. Yay, I’ll keep you posted on any new pink finds soon. Praying for warm weather. So I can show you all what I wear. Until then. Keep warm. 

  1. Savvy Handbag from at $39.99 
  2. BKE Statement Necklace from The Buckle at $16.95
  3. Open Lace Back Dress from Forever21 at $22.80
  4. Sunglasses from H&M at $6.95
  5. Sweatshirt from H&M at $39.95