I’m up early on this special day, the Fourth of July. It’s Independence Day. For me it’s not just a day where I realize or even celebrate how much freedom I have in this country, but it’s a day that fills me with joy because of what it’s done for my family. Yes, it’s giving us liberty, but sometimes I don’t acknowledge the pursuit of happiness aspect of what of the United States has to offer. We are filled with some much happiness here. The main reason is because we are filled with opportunity. That’s a great a freedom to hold.

Thanks to this country and its Founding Father’s I am a first generation college graduate, I am a teacher, I am a sister, a daughter, a child of God, a girlfriend, and a blogger, all of this is based on the opportunities I was given. I suppose it doesn’t matter how I got here, who my parents are, and what they’ve done to be in here, (trust me, they have sacrificed A LOT) what’s important is that they could. Without question. That in itself is grand. And I salute being American every day.

Today on the blog, I wore this pretty white top from the Buckle. The boyfriend jeans had to make an appearance of course. And the bandana allowed me to incorporate red because for some reason I don’t own red like I thought I did.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth, that many fireworks are popped, and that we let freedom ring. Today and everyday. As always.





I have specifically been gushing over Zara! I can’t believe I knew what life was before this store. I know that’s really dramatic, but seriously, why didn’t I know about Zara ever… yet… before!

Since my recent discovery, I’ve purchased four items, one you’ve already seen (click here if you haven’t). Today, I’m showing off another great find, this dress.

I love the detail so much in the ruffle area. Another thing I love about this dress is that I can wear it out and also at school. Like I’ve mentioned multiple times, those are the items I die for. I paired this dress with my edgy-red booties to give the look some flare. And yay I bared some legs again ,which only means that warmer days are ahead of.

I’m excited to share with you all my other Zara finds. I’ll hopefully get to post them sometime this week. For now, I’m off to prep for Valentine’s Day with Micah. As always.


Hint of shine


It’s the last day of winter break and I had a million and one things to do. The main thing was to get organized (as far as my room) in order to get back into the swing of things. I also had to run last minute errands in order to start work with a clean slate. I enjoyed break so much and I long for it once the kids get to hard to handle, but I’m ready to be productive. One of my goals is to read more as well as to hit the gym more consistently. Work helps me be productive. It’s such a good feeling.

While I was out running around, I wore one of my favorite snugly sweaters, this thick black number. And because I wanted to be as comfortable as ever, I wore these boyfriend jeans, which I love so much because they give a girl room to breath. In addition, the red boots, which I adore because of the blocked heel helped me get back into the routine of wearing heels all day long. I love to wear heels at work! To add some personal stye, I wore this sequenced beanie, you know because I wanted to shine a bit.

Tomorrow, I’ll post how my first day back came about. Warm, and I mean warm, wishes!


Red it


One of my favorite colors is red. Next to purple of course. The school that I teach at sports with pride the big red and blue. So naturally a lot of my items include red pieces, like this cardigan. This one in particular I wear duringĀ  the casual parts of my life. It doesn’t necessarily keep me warm, but it does give the majority of my outfits that stamp of approval. And I approve.

The color red, for me anyway, also represents that Christmas is right around the corner and this too, puts me in a festive mood. Yet again. It’s hard to believe that there are only 12 days left until Christmas break. Gasp.

I’ll continue to post as many bare legged outfits as the weather will grant me permission with.

Outfit: Converse shoes, dress catalog find, and cardigan from Forever 21.