First Day Back

Oh the first day back to school. When I was younger I dreaded this day, but now it’s filled with different emotions.

Today I started year 5! Gosh I can hardly believe it. It seems so unreal that five years ago I transitioned into this special profession. So far being a teacher has been such a blur. Maybe it’s because I never imagined I’d be here, but teaching has fueled so many passions it’s only natural I can’t seem to find the correct words to explain what I’m feeling.

It all begins with that nervous and anxious feeling of getting back into a solid routine. I’m also excited to see my students both filled with worry and enthusiasm. Then I feel a huge disconnect from my summer love–my bed. Lastly I feel inspired. Returning to school always makes me feel as if I have to set new goals for myself.

Of course I want to be a good role model, I want to teach passionately, I want to create opportunities, make students wonder, share innovative ideas, etc.

As of late, I just want to relate. I want students to look at me and think, “she’s just like us.” I want them to see my mistakes and learn from them. I want them to see what life altering changes I’m making and hope they be moved by them. I want to show and tell. I want students to use my fears and turn them into their fighting courage. Most importantly I want them to challenge themselves farther than ever simply because they can. Simply because I’ve got their backs.

And just as year 5 began I realized, that this is where I need to be.


What I wore: Skit was a Mexican store find, I’m going to update you all on soon. Top and necklace from Maurice, and my shoes (I was on my feet all day so I needed band aids by the end) are from JCPenney.

I’ll share more details about these items later. For now, I’m just adjusting to being back. It feels good.

PS: I also love school so much because this is where I met the love of my life. Mr. Womacks. I 143 him!

On a sad note, our family and consumer science teacher, Mrs. Voran passed away on Saturday after her long fight with cancer. School today seemed so off. It was different to start on a sad note. She was a great work-friend. And I enjoyed watching her interact with her club, FCCLA. She will be missed, but her devotion for teaching will live on. I dedicate this blog to her.

As always,


Mission Trip: the beginning of greatness

Hey everyone! Long time no talk.

I truly apologize for being away for so long.

However, I’m excited to share why I’ve been gone from the blogger world for more than three weeks. I was on a mission trip with Micah. We traveled to Tizimin, which is in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. To say the least, it was extraordinary.

For the next week or so, I’m going to dedicate my posts to sharing how God impacted my life, my relationship with Micah, and my desire to be a better Christian.

For you see, behind all the clothes I always put on Jesus’ Armour.

It was a summer filled with love and I only have God to thank for his continuing blessings. I want to begin by sharing the number one reason for this trip. I gifted this mission to Micah this past Christmas. It was an attempt to further center our relationship towards the Lord. Both Micah and I want Jesus to take the wheel and guide us on our journey as a couple. And Jesus never fails because through this mission, Micah and I grew spiritually. It was truly amazing to see the Holy Spirit in the mist of our relationship as we served the people of Tizimin.

Secondly, this blog is almost always going to be geared towards clothes and fashion. It’s  going to be about the things that make me feel good on the outside, but sometimes, I want to be able to share what’s inside of me.

For as far as I can remember, I have had this passion for serving the Lord. When I was younger I didn’t realize that serving was going to take me on mission trips. It started with an inner desire to explore and see the world, but to also give God something bigger than me. My attention.

It all started in Peru, from there, God was all I saw and I wanted to cling to that feeling. Peru will always be dear in heart. Yet when I try to understand what God wants for my life, I think of Tizimin.

I went looking for God in Peru and I found Him, but He took me to Tizimin where He answered what was in my heart.

“Cast all of your worries on HIM because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

When I traveled to Tizimin, I was worried, but not because I was going to be called out of my comfort zone. I was worried about not properly surrendering myself to God’s will. For quite sometime now, I’m utterly worried I missed God’s major plan for me. I ask day in and day out if I’m living according to His will. Am I truly being who God wants me to be? Are Micah and I, as a couple right for each other? Are we ready for marriage?

Yet while in Tizimin, I felt God. He answered my prayers.

“For we are HIS handiwork, created in Jesus Christ for the good works that GOD has prepared in advance, that we should live in them.” Ephesians 2:10

Needless to say, I feel beyond blessed and thankful to be His.

Today, I want to briefly explain the area we were in and touch based on what exactly Micah and I did while on the mission.

We arrived on July 8 in Cancun and drove about two hours west into the jungle towards Tizimin, a city of about 50,000 people. These people are caught between traditional Mayan upbringing and Christianity. For a week, Micah and I participated in Vacation Bible School, where close to 90 children, from all walks of life attended. During the evening, we walked the streets of the city to share the gospel and invite people to a free eye exam that would be held towards the end of the week. Lastly, we conducted a small worship service and shared prayer with those who needed healing. At the end of the day we handed out glasses to those who had needed them during the exam portion.

I can remember my heart twisting each time I saw someone in need and all I could offer was hug. I can remember Micah holding my hand when he saw my emotional face during trials. I can remember my heart pattering after seeing the smiles of children. It’s a unique experience that is so undesirable yet so endearing it has to be told.  I hope I can explain myself as much as possible.


This mission trip was made possible through DCI Missions, Dream Center International. It was an organization I found online through endless hours of research. Missionaries Bill and Kathy Craver have been conducting missions work for more than sixteen years. They oversee two missionary training campuses, one in the Yucatan of Mexico and one located in Belize C.A. Throughout the year they lead teams to impact the lives of indigenous people.

It was amazing to see how God has worked in these people lives not only to move them, but also to show how great our Lord is. It was inspiring.


This was the main entrance to the camp where we stayed. There were a total of 24 people on the trip. There was a large group from Florida, a family of four from Georgia, a group of wonderful ladies from Texas, Micah’s solo roommate from Tennessee, and Micah and I from Kansas. It was also uplifting to see how everyone came together for the same purpose.

45Maybe I’m being bias because I’m a teacher, but some of my favorite moments where spent with the children. Yes I liked playing with them, coloring, laughing, and doing arts in crafts, but I especially enjoyed watching them worship Jesus. I was filled with tears when I saw them praying to the Lord. If anything, they truly left a mark on me. I will forever remember them.

IMG_5137IMG_5149Working alongside Micah was one of the greatest experiences during this trip. I was so proud of him and fell in love with him even more. More than that I was touched by the people of the area. It was completely humbling to be able to give these people the gift of sight through God’s handiwork.


And at the end of the day, God always graced us. There’s so much I want to put into words, but I simply can’t. It’s not because I’m unwilling; I just can’t find the words to truly explain what I was feeling during this week. This is something, I now look back on, and think wow I was there. I lived that. God was with me. I’ve grown. Micah and I have grown.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the children and VBS. Until then and as always.


Since school let out, I’ve been dying to lay out by the pool. However unforeseen circumstances such as the weather have denied me the chance to flirt with the sun. But not today. Micah and I took advantage of having absolutely a million things to do, skipping them, and going to the water park. We have no regrets.

I finally get to show you guys one of my many swim suits. I mix and match so much I hardly know what combo goes together. When it comes to swim suits I go with what feel comfortable. Our water park has two giant slides. One of those slides loves to steal my bottoms. Naturally I must wear bottoms that not only fit by stay put.

Micah took pictures of me using the GoPro Hero5. It’s been amazing every time we’ve used it, which hasn’t been much. We plan to use it fully during our mission trip next week because this camera is great, it’s compact, convenient, and it takes awesome pictures.

My tan lines are finally getting even. Talk to you tomorrow, as always.


12 reasons

Micah came to hug me before school today. In hand he held beautiful lavender tulips. All to my liking. Like most days, when I see him, my heart flutters. But this morning was different as we’ve hit a milestone. One Year. Twelve Months. It’s been such an amazing journey with him. We both agree that it hasn’t always been easy and sometimes we’ve questioned if we like each other. But, through it all our love remains constant, caring, forgiving, and everlasting.

Today, we share what we’ve learned from each other during these 12 months.

12 Things I’ve learned about love and Aley:

Things I’ve learned about love…

  1. Love means putting someone else first, but still being yourself. You do not need to try to be the person you think they want. If they love you they want you as is.
  2. Love can be something as simple as watching soccer on TV instead of hoops.
  3. Love is knowing that you still want them to be yours even when you are fighting or upset.
  4. Love makes you see people differently. When you like someone you look for what is wrong with them, when you love someone you look for what is right with them.
  5. Love can be silly.
  6. Love is holding someone accountable to the person they should be.

Things I’ve learned about Aley…

  1. Aley is beautiful. Even though she does this blog she doesn’t believe it all the time. When I first met her I knew she was pretty. Now that I know her I understand her beauty.
  2. She says yes too much. She feels bad telling people no. I’m guessing that’s the only reason she went out with me.
  3. Sometimes she’s crazy.
  4. She cares so much about family. Not just her parents and brothers, but extended family as well.
  5. Watching her swim is comical. She treads water as well as a brick.
  6. She is everything I want.

12 Things I’ve learned about love and Micah:

Things I’ve learned about love…

  1. Love is the cure of all fears, doubts, and insecurities. Letting someone into your heart is scary, but the right person will know exactly how to be your safe haven.
  2. Loving someone’s flaws draws you closer to them. We are all flawed.
  3. Love tells you it’s okay to be crazy
  4. Love is universal it knows not of age, culture, or language
  5. Love is accepting
  6. Love is complicated yet so simple. Sometimes following your heart leads you to find a passion filled so much reward and promise.

Things I’ve learned about Micah…

  1. Micah’s devotion to Jesus is admirable.
  2. Micah is passionate. He will always give you a 100%.
  3. Whether he admits it or not, he owns way to many shoes, even more than I do.
  4. Micah likes to eat, even when it’s my no good cooking.
  5. When I first met Micah, I didn’t think he was human. He’s handsome beyond measure and he’s organized. That intimidated me. Now that he’s let loose, I appreciate his perfect imperfections.
  6. He’s everything I need and more.

Green for life


I know it’s a little late, but I wanted to share this post before the day is officially over.

This week has been a little rough, at our district we lost two middle school students. It was tough on everyone, but today I told my students that they needed to live a life that was fruitful, because they each had a purpose so special and unique it would be a shame not see it through. I’d do anything for my students, in fact, I told them I’d fight any fight for them. Honestly why wouldn’t I? They are my well being, my everyday, my tomorrow.

Since yesterday I wore a touch of green, I decided that today, I would promote life by wearing green. It was such a beautiful day, despite the tragedies. However, this green dress made me feel full of life, warmth, and it gave me vibrant vibes. I styled this outfit with a black sweater and combat boots, you know to fight on through. The cutout in the back is my favorite thing about this dress. It’s fun.

Today if it’s in your heart, pray for the families of these two students, they lost their lives in different ways for different reasons. However the pain they left behind is equally damaging.

Think of their families during this time. As always.


Love in the Snow


December was an important month for Micah and I, not only because it marked month 8 for us, but because our relationship took a turn. Since day one, we’ve been seriously in love, and each day, week, and month I grow more in love with him. What’s even better is that I feel Micah feels the same way.

For Christmas, he gifted me a ski trip. I was jumping for joy when he told all about it.

Now don’t be surprised when I tell you that this trip wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, I had the time of my life, but it wasn’t all snow angels. In the beginning I was having fun, I was hopeful, and I was eager to learn. Micah was the best teacher I could have ever asked for. However, as quick as I was to learn to ski, as quick as I was to fall–not once–but 10 times. Falling was hard, but what was even harder was getting back up. The falls not only hurt my body, but also my pride.

Micah was as loving as ever, he helped my spirits, and lifted me up (literally). I know I’m making it worse than it actually was and trust me, I laughed at myself every chance I got. I mean just picturing how ridiculous I must have looked, make me laugh out loud.

But then I got tired, wet, cold, and right out worn out. The last run wasn’t nearly has fun because I got myself into a tiny situation. I fell hard and couldn’t pick myself up because my entire body was dead at this point. I stopped right in the middle of the hill. Panic entered my body. Micah was at the bottom looking up, watching me, waiting for me to get up and continue. Except I didn’t.

Because I was in the middle of the hill, I had to quickly pick up my unattached ski and head for the tree, except that was the worst idea I could have ever had. I landed in deep snow and sunk. Like quick sand. So I panicked. I attempted to grab onto a tree to pull myself up, but nothing. So I cried. As Micah approached, I sunk myself further into the snow. He tried to pulled me up, but for some reason, I panicked even more. He stayed still and just stared at this woman, he thought he knew, but couldn’t really recognize. I felt like a fool. But, I couldn’t help it. So I uttered the words, “I’ll walk down.” Micah said, “are you serious?” And that’s when I lost it because the tone in his voice was a mixture of sad and utter disappointment. What he thought of me was all of sudden more important than how I ridiculous I looked and felt.

Determined to make it through I, I got up, and when I did, boom –I ate snow– I looked up at Micah, ashamed, but he laughed and I couldn’t help but laugh either.

“Was that a psychological breakdown you just had?” He asked.  I suppose I did have a meltdown. But, let me tell you, that meltdown made me stronger (mentally) and my relationship grew more. That little tiff, although embarrassing, helped draw me closer to my love.

Sometimes, in a relationship, meltdowns need to happen. Sometimes it’s important for your significant other to really know who you are. That’s what makes it real. That’s what makes relationships worth while. That’s what makes love grow. Micah holding my hand and looking me right in the face with tender love made me realize that I’m right where I need to be.

Now, I probably don’t need to have meltdown all the time, but when and if I do, I know Micah will love me, regardless.

The video features my new GoPro, I hope you enjoy how much I fun I had. It also captures so fun wipe out moments.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! As always.

#1 Without You


It’s too much to bare. The fact that I don’t get to see the boyfriend as often as I’d like. Missing him is great. Missing him is bittersweet. He inspires me. He’s my muse.

Lately, we’ve been on conflicting schedules. He’s doing his thing and I’m caught up doing mine. When we are together, time stands still, but when we are apart his scent lingers.

He coaches basketball and lately he’s been gone a lot! Way to much. I’m glad for his absence sometimes because that’s when I can truly appreciate him and how much he means to me. When he’s not around my head is filled with hopeful thoughts.

And so, this poem. I wrote it while he was a basketball retreat. My love for him grows more and more each day ever present and even when he’s far.

I guess Shakespeare got it right when he said “parting is such sweet sorrow.”

To my Secret Admirer

In the past I have posted about my personal life. I would like to continue, here and there, as certain life events take place.

This past week some major things happened to me. Those major things were Reality and Hope, a two-for-one deal so great, I feel I’ll never be the same.


On Friday, I was delivered flowers, to work with a note that was so dear and heart warming it made me believe in love and romance all over again. (Here’s some background information for those of you that are new to the site: In my life I have loved only one man with all my heart and all my soul. I lived a great 5 years with him. Until he shattered my world and left me unexpectedly for another person. I cried, I was hurt, I entered depression, but after two years I started living again. And although my life was shaken by his betrayal living wasn’t horrible anymore and it was worth it.)

Here’s the piece of reality. After two years he’s come forth to apologize. When he did I felt like the overcast clouds I was living under disappeared and a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. It’s when I started living again. Our conversation was, although hurtful and painful; necessary and we reached an understanding. But on Saturday, I saw him, with another girl. I felt indifferent. Nonetheless, that was reality. That was moving on.

Here’s the piece of hope. There is someone out there, whoever it might be, whoever it’s supposed to be; who will come during the right time, the right place and be imperfectly perfect for your beautifully damaged life. And suddenly nothing in the past will matter. What will matter is here and now. It might sound silly and you can choose not to believe me, but every night since my ex left me, I would get on my knees and I would pray to God wholeheartedly. I’d ask him to put forth in my path a man, but not just any man, a man worthy and deserving. A man who knows God.

And Friday, I’m not sure if God himself sent me those flowers as a sign to tell me, “it’s coming Aley, hang on.” Better days are coming, I can sense it because when I was feeling (again) pretty low about seeing my ex I came home and read the letter my secret admirer sent me and I automatically thought: patience.

I contemplated calling every flower shop in town asking who had delivered flowers to my job, but then my best friend told me, that those flowers were a sign. She added that the person who sent them admires me and they will come forward when the time is right and if he doesn’t then I should take it as a nice guy trying to brighten my day.

So secret admirer, I’ll wait.

Until then, I’ll re-read your letter, and I hope you don’t mind I share it with other lonely girls just like me.

“These flowers I send to you have been selected. They can brighten up anyone’s day with their outstanding color affect. Yet, they lack sunshine to keep them alive and healthy, a warm enviornmet that will over protect. Warmth and sunshine that can only be better obtained from a beautiful smile from your person, complimented by a couple of gorgeous dimples, adding up to an attractive expression, that can even when these flowers decide to tarnish, to them, it will be unreasonable to forget. Feeding life and color from a pair of sensitive eyes, yet in every day life, they are very appealing. Eyes so clear, relaxing and warmly deep like the heart of a summer sunset. Eyes that are truly heart stealing. I send these flowers to you so they can live, live aside a beautiful woman with no imperfection whatsoever. With your glamour and your charm, they will survive, and to them it will be just the perfect weather.”

Wedding weekend fun; what is your take?

I know I’ve been absent for the past couple of days. But, I’m back. Or so I think. Well for now.

This weekend we traveled to Dumas, Texas for my cousin’s wedding. It was so much fun. It was magical. It was touching. It was… you name it, that’s what it was. There is just something about the unity of two people, I mean the special moment will warm anyones heart. This wedding in particular had me thinking, however. What caught my attention was during the ceremony. The father asked my cousin, who by the way is tall-handsome gentlemen, if he believed in love at first sight. He nodded, but then the father asked the whole crowd. While everyone raised their hands stating that they indeed did. I found myself twiddling my thumbs.  Now usually, I am a head-over-heels-craving-romance-kind of girl, but for some reason, no; I didn’t believe in love at first sight. So, what indeed do I believe in? At that very moment, I found myself evaluating my relationship with CP. How did I fall in love with him? And when did it happen? It was simple, kind of clear actually. I had known CP for what seemed like a really long time, even before we had began to date. So I guess that was it. I fell in love with the man he was. Through out our relationship, I have fell in love with the person he has become, how he treats me, his loyalty, his support, but most importantly how he’s always there for me. Even now that we are far away.

So does love at first sight exist? Or is just love at first attraction, I mean we are visual creatures. What’s your take on love or on weddings? Me, personally, I’m a sucker for a wedding. As a matter a fact, I have another one coming up this weekend.