Half in half

On Thursday, I got my wisdom teeth pulled. All four. It was a major ordeal. One I wasn’t quiet prepared for as I am now literally starving and in pain. I have never felt miserable, except for that one time where I lost my three front teeth in high school and my then boyfriend dumped me. Oh well, things could be a lot worse.

Naturally I have felt ugly for the past four days. Blame it on starvation. So today, I tried to pretty myself, you know to lift moral and it worked. I completely forgot what it was like to take care of yourself. Literally.

I wore these trousers from H&M that I’ve had for awhile and worn to school multiple times, because they are that comfortable. Since it’s been warm and windy I opted for wearing a ponytail and a cool silver top I found at TJMAXX. Both great wears for a not so comfortable life situation.

Here’s to feeling better, as always



Love me silver

I’m typically a cooper, bronze girl. I think because of my dark features (I love being hispanic) I feel those colors fit my skin tone better. But, recently, I have became obsessed (hint, hint, my favorite word) with silver jewelry. All of these items I’ve picked up from the Buckle. In total, I only have these four silver pieces, but because of them– I will be purchasing more. It’s my way of stepping out of my comfort zone.

Tomorrow’s Friday 🙂 yay