Weekend Vibes

Although it’s the weekend, sadly I’m reporting that I’ll be Micahless until Monday. He’s off to visit his family in central Kansas. While he’s gone, I’d hope to accomplish a billion things, but nope. I’ve done absolutely nothing. It’s what I do best.

I have been beating the heat in these shorts and detailed top that was a gift from my mom. Some days are better than others in this heat. Today it’s been close to 100 degrees. Yesterday was still windy. Summer in Kansas is unpredictable as most weather conditions are here. As of right how it’s clear skies, sun, and dry heat.

While Micah is out fishing with his family, I’m inside enjoying the cool AC. I’ll see you back on Monday. I’m sending you weekend vibes. As always.



For the plane


I write this post from the beautiful and very hill filled, San Francisco. I’m very excited to share with you all my journey, but before I post pictures of my trip, I’d like to share with you all my airport attire.

So I was in a world of shock when my best friend, the reason I’m visiting California, told me that it indeed wasn’t going to be sunny. To my disdain, I had to repack and I filled my closet with warm sweaters and booties.

This is what I wore to the airport, comfy bottoms and a very warm and thick sweater. It was the perfect combination of comfort and edge. Of course I couldn’t leave Kansas without my favorite boots from Steve Madden.

Please stay tune as I continue to post about my Spring Break vacation. Be patient. I’m here to fun. I’ll share the fun, later.


Change it up


It’s important for me to wear my clothes out in such a way that yes, I’ll be repeating daily. You’ve seen the boyfriend jeans and this top on here before, so don’t wear tired. Just hang on. Remember that I love my clothes very much. You’ll see them on here more than enough times. I hope though that every time I wear certain staples that it will be in a different way. For example, today I wore my velvet top with the boyfriend jeans. I’ve never paired the two together because I felt like the top was too delicate the roughness of these jeans. However, the pair radiate cool girl, and let’s face it; I’m cool! To continue to add to the street stylish attitude I wore my boots from Steve Madden. They are one of my favorites.

I hope you enjoy today’s look, I managed to take these before the wind broke out, it’s a tornado out there. As always.


Color pop


As soon as I got to work this morning, I took a look at my calendar and thought, wow this is going to be a busy week. There’s so much to do in such a short month.

We’ll take it one day at a time.

Today, I had some small errands around town. I need to be comfortably dressed in order to accomplish those small yet tedious items on my list. So I wore leggings, boots, a large sweater-comfy sweater. I’m all black again! But wait, there’s a pop of color. I’m wearing that neutral- pink- colored turtleneck from days past. Remember I told you it was on repeat?

Repeat is good right?


Spring Dream

Ouch! Today was cold. It hurt my heart.


It was Groundhog Day and supposedly and according to the critter, we are expected to have six more weeks of winter. I can hardly withstand it. I’m seriously dreaming of Spring and it’s coming slowly and painfully.

To easy my pain I wore this floral dress I bought from Charlotte Russe. Colors are both neutral and definitely read: “we will fine for now, but we want some warmth.” I paired the dress with black leggings and my favorite Steve Madden booties. On top, I wore my on repeat utilitarian jacket, just give off a cool vibe.

It’s supposed to be even colder tomorrow. But there’s hope for us yet, hang in there friends. As always.


On the go


Sorry that I’m posting late. Today, I had to run to the DMV to tag my new car. Afterwards, I went to the store to run errands. Then I had to go back to the school and pick up papers I forgot in the copier. Later I had to help my parents with a couple of items.

All the while, I ran around in this outfit. There’s nothing too special about it. For me, it’s simple and street ready. I enjoy wearing pieces like this sweater often because it gives off such a neutral vibe. I love the color black (outfit wise) so it’s natural that I use my go to boots to make this outfit stand out.

Again, it was one of those days where it’s warm, but extremely chilly hence why I have my camo jacket around my waist. I’m not growing fond of the winter weather, in fact, I wish it be gone. One thing that lifts my spirits is that the sun is setting much later, which makes for longer-feeling days. That’s a plus.




The cold weather calls for a bit of comfort and a lot of utility. I love this jacket, but I can only wear a little bit into December. During the noon hours it’s perfect, but at night, forget it. I freeze. However one of the things I like to wear with this light jacket is a hooded sweater. This gives it some personality.

Something interesting about this look is the fact that the boyfriend (he now has a face, scroll on down) sort-of-kind of matched me when I wore this. He also wore a stripped sweater, similar to mine and an army green vest, similar to the jacket. We’ve “matched” twice before. We don’t plan it so we sure turn red with embarrassment every time we do this. It’s quiet funny yet romantic.

Tomorrow is my last day of school then break. I need one as much I love to work. I’m just ready to re-charge the batteries.


Ta-da! Welcome Micah, my love to  Always A!

Pops of Paisley


I wore this little get up last week when the weather was still tolerable. I forgot to share it until I came across it in a hidden folder.

There are many wonderful items from this look that I absolutely love, like the fringed jacket for starters. I mean just look at it. It’s so beautiful I could just sleep in it. Then there’s the knee-high socks that my friend gifted me for my birthday this year. The boots you’ve seen on here multiple times, well because they are my favorite. And lastly, the paisley top was on repeat all summer long. It manages to come out of the closet even in the fall/winter weather.

Again, these are all items that I truly love, they make feel some type of way. Mainly pretty and cool. Ha! I’ve always been a firm believer that what you wear makes you feel confident. I’m the most happy when I dress in something that I’m proud of. When I started this site, I didn’t do it because I thought I was the best at fashion, because let’s face it I’m not however, my passion for clothes leads me to always be me. Hence the theme of this blog.

Enjoy! See ya on Monday.


Bare nothing


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a wimp when it comes to sustaining my ground in the cold. Even in the summer time I find the air conditioner uncomfortable. However it seems that the further we make it into December, the colder it’s getting. Today, was no exception. So for the first time this since fall, I actually wore tights, and it felt nice–rough–but nice.

I’m a huge fan of letting the legs bare free and the toes roam so you can imagine how much I’m loving these tights.

When’s spring again?

Outfit: boots Steve Madden, purse from H&M, and dress from Forever 21.


Kimono No?


Lately I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone and mixing not only different prints, but also wearing out of the ordinary pieces and pairing them. To many it might not be a huge change, but for me, especially where I live–it’s major.

Of my favorite winter staples is this velvet top. I’ve worn it soooo much and as of late I’ve tried to disguise the fact that I can’t enough of it by changing it up. Today, I paired it with this floral kimono I purchased during Christmas. Because I’m a huge advocate for wearing items until you see a hole, you’ll be seeing this item more than once, or twice, or until I longer fit in it. Enjoy. Oh and keep warm.

Outfit: boots from Steve Madden and the rest is from Forever 21.