Sunny days

The sun is out and that mean shorts!

Now, I’m not big on shorts because at times I get a little insecure about my bottom. I can’t seem to find the right pair of shorts that makes me feel modest and sexy at the same time. If that’s even allowed. It’s hard people.

Many say I should be proud of my legs and butt, however I don’t see why it’s so great when I can’t find proper fitting bottoms. Anyway, I did run across these from Target. I like these shorts because they are the stretchy side and it helps– majorly.

Excuse the uneven tan lines and enjoy my top. It’s from H&M. As of lately I’ve been in between Zara and H&M. You’ve heard me talk about Zara for far too long that now I’ve decided to switch it around. To give everyone a break. So this top is one of my favorites because it’s short and the color (the splash of pink) is just my right type of shade. I’m usually not into the color pink so this one is great because it doesn’t wash out my skin tone. Plus check out the accent on the sleeves and bottom.

I’m also showing off this bracelet that my friend from San Fran gifted me with as a “see ya” soon parting. It’s totally her style. The dream catcher gives me hope that I’ll see her again.

Enjoy the heat if you’ve got it. As always. 1742911310



Happy Wednesday.

My brother graduated from Newman University this past weekend. I was thrilled to see my parents have both a twinkle in their eyes and prideful smiles. For them, Javier graduating marks three-out-of-three children, all done with college. They can unbutton their jeans. Ha! It was a happy time. It was a warm time.

Spring or warmer weather is finally here, which thrills me even more. This is giving me an excuse to wear this romper from Target. The fabric is soft and relaxed for a comfortable wear. I enjoyed wearing it because I could finally let the legs roam the Earth. Currently they need all the sun exposure they can get. Ignore the terrible tan lines. I’ll fix them up.

T-minus 7 days until school is officially over! There will more blogging to come. Hang tight.

P.S. The boyfriend took these pictures. I’m so thankful he was willing. As always.


Red it


One of my favorite colors is red. Next to purple of course. The school that I teach at sports with pride the big red and blue. So naturally a lot of my items include red pieces, like this cardigan. This one in particular I wear during  the casual parts of my life. It doesn’t necessarily keep me warm, but it does give the majority of my outfits that stamp of approval. And I approve.

The color red, for me anyway, also represents that Christmas is right around the corner and this too, puts me in a festive mood. Yet again. It’s hard to believe that there are only 12 days left until Christmas break. Gasp.

I’ll continue to post as many bare legged outfits as the weather will grant me permission with.

Outfit: Converse shoes, dress catalog find, and cardigan from Forever 21.


Stand out


It was extremely windy today. The wind was blowing at 30 mph at least. But, this downtown alley was prefect for showcasing my outfit. After school, I had to run some “before the weekend” errands. So I traded my heels for these comfy (and essential) Converse sneakers. The dress is yet another one of those pieces that have made room in closet because it’s so perfect for my work life and my after work life.

I’m usually not into wearing sunglasses. For me, the eyes are the window to the soul. It sounds so cliche of me to say that, but it’s the truth. When I have a conversation with anyone (especially the boyfriend) I need to stare into their eyes. For you “see” the eyes don’t lie, they are reality, and passion. The boyfriend loves to wear sunglasses, it drives me up the wall, he knows that and yet he still wears them. Ugh! Sometimes I feel like he enjoys being in the doghouse. The mischievous part of me, kept his sunglasses, and since then I’ve enjoyed wearing them –of course when he’s not around.

Outfit: dress from JC Penney, sweater from the Buckle, Converse sneakers, and sunglasses from Tommy Hilfiger  and the boyfriend.


Burgundy leather


Although it might not seem like it; there are a lot of awesome things taking place in these photos.

For one are these burgundy leather pants. Ever since my hair went that color it seems like my clothes have followed pattern. So it was almost perfect when my first StitchFix mail order came in that these pants were present. When things like this happen it just seems like the universe aligns just for you. It’s magical.

Second are my new pointed oxford’s from Forever 21. I have been searching the depths of the ocean for a pair as perfect and shiny as these. I’ve about lost all hope, when I decided to browse the site one last time and ran into these. I’ll probably be wearing them all this week. So don’t tire.

Third and in case you didn’t notice there are a lot more photos in today’s post than before. I have to confess that I take my own photos. I love being a photographer. But, it’s really hard to take photos of yourself. I’ve been struggling and majorly practicing as of late. Sometimes my techniques work and other times it’s just a mess. It’s a work in progress and I know I have a looonnnggg way to go. But let’s do a happy dance because today’s photos aren’t atrocious.

Oh and fourth, we got snow again, it’s wonderful.


Wednesday Addams?


The moment, I saw this dress I fell in love it mainly because it reminded me of Wednesday Addams. And well, who doesn’t love a good Wednesday dress in lieu of Halloween?

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Outfit: Dress from Stefano Di Romo catalog, boots from JCPenny’s, and glasses The Buckle.

DSC_2625 DSC_2633 DSC_2636 DSC_2640 DSC_2652

Mixed feelings

It way windy today.


I love everything nature. The trees, the sky, the rain, the snow, ect, but there is one absolute thing -ONE- thing about Mother Nature that I can’t stand. The wind. Why? Well because… oh I don’t want to rant. That’s too negative.

The positives of today was this post.

Outfit: shoes from Pacsun, socks and sweater from JC Penny’s, skirt from catalog, and accessories from Forever 21.

FYI: the wind speed was like 26 mph.

DSC_2553 DSC_2554 DSC_2555 DSC_2560 DSC_2561 DSC_2566DSC_2569

Oh sunny days


Like I posted yesterday, we are now experiencing triple digit weather in Kansas. It’s hot and windy. So how do I keep cool? Well, I wear light-cotton dresses, like this one from Target. It allows me to feel the breeze, so to speak, but it’s still long enough to keep things modest in the work place. (hehe). And of course, I had to bust out the sunnies.

How do you keep cool, during scorching weather?

Outfit: dress from Target, shoes from Charlotte Russe, jewelry from Forever21, and Sunglasses from Wet Seal.


Pink for your thoughts

Burr, burr, burr. We are still in the cold zone. I wish it was gone. So I’ve stayed inside. But, I’ve had some to think about some things I’d love to see in my closet. I have way too much black, well dark colors, so I thought. Light and soft is probably a good change. So here’s to pink. Oh and there still some black in there. 


I love lace, jewels, and flamingos. Yay, I’ll keep you posted on any new pink finds soon. Praying for warm weather. So I can show you all what I wear. Until then. Keep warm. 

  1. Savvy Handbag from at $39.99 
  2. BKE Statement Necklace from The Buckle at $16.95
  3. Open Lace Back Dress from Forever21 at $22.80
  4. Sunglasses from H&M at $6.95
  5. Sweatshirt from H&M at $39.95

Little short shorts

Summer is officially here; heat wise!! Yikes!!! As you can tell I’ve got an awkward tan going on. But, regardless of the weird lines, I wore these shorts. I picked them up on vacation last year during my stay with my grandparents in Mexico. My grandma always knows where to take me to find the cutest little things (haha 😉

Oh by the way, I actually busted out the sunglasses too. That usually never happens since I’m pretty comfortable in the sun.

(shorts from Mexico, shoes from Charlotte Russe, blouse from JC Penny’s, and jewelry from Forever21)

Send me pictures of your favorite pair of shorts. As always,