While I can

You’ve seen this outfit on here before. It’s one of those that I wear to work, so you know it’s worthwhile. The reason why I continue to repeat it is because I adore wearing this sweater. I got it as a gift from my godson for Christmas. While I can, I’m going to wear it. […]

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That sweater

We all have that one piece of clothing that we can’t live without. Mine? It’s this sweater. I can’t live without it during the winter. In my mind it matches everything and it goes with everything, even if it doesn’t. Remember I said it’s in my mind. Today, we finally got some decent weather. It […]

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What I’m thankful for

What? Aleyrojas is posting? It’s been far too long friends. Unfortunately, I’ve been through a series of misfortunate events. But, thankfully things are looking up and I’m back. Stronger than ever. I’ll share with you all later what great revaluation I went through. First, let’s start off with my Thanksgiving outfit. Today, I am thankful […]

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