Change it up

It’s important for me to wear my clothes out in such a way that yes, I’ll be repeating daily. You’ve seen the boyfriend jeans and this top on here before, so don’t wear tired. Just hang on. Remember that I love my clothes very much. You’ll see them on here more than enough times. I […]

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Kimono No?

Lately I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone and mixing not only different prints, but also wearing out of the ordinary pieces and pairing them. To many it might not be a huge change, but for me, especially where I live–it’s major. Of my favorite winter staples is this velvet top. I’ve worn it […]

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Velvet love

The more and more I actually “go shopping” to the point where I take my time and find items that may or may not fit in my closet; I’m surprised at how much my style has evolved. What I’ve noticed is that it’s becoming more personal and less what I think everyone will be wearing. […]

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