Sunny days

The sun is out and that mean shorts!

Now, I’m not big on shorts because at times I get a little insecure about my bottom. I can’t seem to find the right pair of shorts that makes me feel modest and sexy at the same time. If that’s even allowed. It’s hard people.

Many say I should be proud of my legs and butt, however I don’t see why it’s so great when I can’t find proper fitting bottoms. Anyway, I did run across these from Target. I like these shorts because they are the stretchy side and it helps– majorly.

Excuse the uneven tan lines and enjoy my top. It’s from H&M. As of lately I’ve been in between Zara and H&M. You’ve heard me talk about Zara for far too long that now I’ve decided to switch it around. To give everyone a break. So this top is one of my favorites because it’s short and the color (the splash of pink) is just my right type of shade. I’m usually not into the color pink so this one is great because it doesn’t wash out my skin tone. Plus check out the accent on the sleeves and bottom.

I’m also showing off this bracelet that my friend from San Fran gifted me with as a “see ya” soon parting. It’s totally her style. The dream catcher gives me hope that I’ll see her again.

Enjoy the heat if you’ve got it. As always. 1742911310


Autumn Patches


Now that the leaves have finally fallen, it truly feels like autumn. Post Thanksgiving wears well on Mother Nature.

In order to celebrate the crisp and colorful leaves, I wore this neutral dress and utility jacket. This outfit really got me into the mood. The festive mood.

We’ve been graced with wonderful weather so wearing something like this has been a joy, especially for some Christmas shopping around town. The boots you’ve seen on here before. I got them at Forever 21. They are perfect for running around because of the blocked heel. I never get tired.

School starts back up on Monday and while I’m happy to be off for a little bit longer; I’m also ready to get back into gear and to close off the year with style.

Outfit: gifted dress, jacket from JCPenney, and boots from Forever 21


Wild shoes


It seems as if I can’t post often. It truly makes me feel like I’m missing a little something. Various things have kept me from updating you all on what’s on going in my closet. One being work. Two being the crazy Kansas weather. It appears we will be having nicer days. Looks like there might be greener grass on the other side after all. And because it was so much nicer out. I escaped life. And galavanted in this outfit today.

I sure hope this weather stays for a lot longer. Although, here in these parts, it’s hard to tell. C’mon warm weather, won’t you stay?

Outfit: Top from Forever21, black jeans from Target, red purse from JustFab, and giraffe print shoes from JC Penny’s.


This giveaway is CLOSED; winners announced

I have also expanded my One Year Giveaway. I will announce winners next Monday (May 13). So you still have time. I realize a lot of you weren’t able to post on my fb wall, so just message me. Details here! Go like for a chance to win. Love you all.


Cut off


We’ve had almost perfect weather this week. Which gives me the opportunity to wear skirts and sandals, like today’s look. It still doesn’t quiet feel like spring/warm weather here just yet, so I still kept the colors a little light. I’m completely excited and ready for Easter. Lots of things going on. I’ll be doing some traveling, so that means, shopping. 

Outfit: top from Forever21, skirt from Target, sandals from Lulus, and purse from


Tight socks


Hey guys. I’ve been gone… because I’ve been sick. But, today I am up to 89% feel good mode. There some bug going around. Must be the weird weather we are having. More snow expected this weekend. Major bummer. 

Anyway, today was warm enough to wear this outfit. A bit of short skirt (I’m not a huge fan). I paired the skirt with my good ole knitted Mexican socks. I absolutely love them They remind me of my motherland. Which I miss. Also, my new sweater from Forever21. My mom spoiled me last week. The skirt truly makes me pout. Wishing it was warmer, rather than just warm. Oh well. Take care everyone. 

Outfit: sweater, ring and skirt from Forever21, booties from Charlotte Russe, necklace from Lulu’s, and socks from finds in Mexico. 


Flowery dream


Like everyone else, I took advantage of designer Prabal Gurung’s line at Target. I picked up this dress because it totally screamed “me.” I’m typically a dark-dressed girl, so naturally I had to grab it because it had black, but to “spring” things up the flowers were definitely a must. And since our crazy Kansas weather has finally warmed up. I had to wear it! One of the things I love the most about this dress is the flower color. Today, I wore the dress with green heels, but I can certainly wear the dress with yellow, red, and blue heels. 

Outfit: Prabal Gurung dress from Target (can be found here), jewelry from Forever21, heels from Lulu’s (can be found here

I hope everyone has a great weekend, see ya Monday 🙂