Jump on this

It’s been awhile since I’ve worn this jumper. When I first saw it at Forever 21, I completely, and without thinking got it. Since then I’ve only worn it a handful of times because while it was a great find, it was difficult for me to find different ways to wear this piece.

Today, I decide it to wear a basic white t-shirt underneath it in order to give it a street style vibe. It was perfect for running errands. I also paired it with my day 1 sandals from the Buckle. I got these baby’s way back in the day. I’ve taken such good care of them that to this day, they still keep me satisfied.

In contrast, I wore these bright coral ear rings from the Buckle in order to add variation. This color addition added a unique pop to this outfit. I rather enjoy when colors make a surprise good mix.

What do you think of this color combination? Happy Tuesday, as always.



In the detail

On this windy and hot day I present you this lovely Zara top.

There is so much perfection coming from this top, from the detail in the sleeves to the wonderful embroidery that’s tiny and precise. In addition to everything nice about this top, I absolutely love that’s it’s completely versatile. Today I paired it with black shorts I purchased at Target, but I’m also thinking you’ll see it on here in different ways. Stay tune.

I also love these sandals I purchased from Shoe Dazzle awhile ago. They are the perfect blend of cool and summer. As always.


Friday stroll

Yesterday it literally rained cats and dogs. We’ve been pretty blessed this year with the amount of rain Kansas has received. So there’s nothing to complain about.

My day was spent shopping at Target and TJMAXX. I’m excited to show you all some of the things I’ve picked up. I’m also going to try to be more creative with IG and possibly post a haul on my findings.

In the meantime I’m excited to blog about this top I picked up from Loft. I’ve been shopping there lately because I’m absolutely in love with their petite section. It’s amazing and figure forming. I mainly shop here for my teacher wardrobe, but I enjoy a top that is perfect for a Friday afternoon stroll.

Micah and I are heading to his buddy’s wedding up state. It’s gonna be a great weekend road trip con mi vida. Wishing you the best. See you Monday. As always.

Sunny days

The sun is out and that mean shorts!

Now, I’m not big on shorts because at times I get a little insecure about my bottom. I can’t seem to find the right pair of shorts that makes me feel modest and sexy at the same time. If that’s even allowed. It’s hard people.

Many say I should be proud of my legs and butt, however I don’t see why it’s so great when I can’t find proper fitting bottoms. Anyway, I did run across these from Target. I like these shorts because they are the stretchy side and it helps– majorly.

Excuse the uneven tan lines and enjoy my top. It’s from H&M. As of lately I’ve been in between Zara and H&M. You’ve heard me talk about Zara for far too long that now I’ve decided to switch it around. To give everyone a break. So this top is one of my favorites because it’s short and the color (the splash of pink) is just my right type of shade. I’m usually not into the color pink so this one is great because it doesn’t wash out my skin tone. Plus check out the accent on the sleeves and bottom.

I’m also showing off this bracelet that my friend from San Fran gifted me with as a “see ya” soon parting. It’s totally her style. The dream catcher gives me hope that I’ll see her again.

Enjoy the heat if you’ve got it. As always. 1742911310

Sunny warm


If you live in Kansas, days like today are cherished. And that’s exactly what I did when I left work and discovered it was warm, but not just any kind of warm, sunny warm. The first three months of the year are typically brutally cold, but today we reached up 67 degrees. It felt nice… really nice.

So to celebrate this day of grace, I only wore a sweater to work and my favorite-thin trousers from Forever 21. I paired the black bottoms with one of my favorite sweater. It was a gift from my favorite aunt for one Christmas and I cherish it dearly. The majority of my clothes comes from family members that know I’d rock any outfit. Or at least try too.

Today, as I was planning out February, I realized just how busy I was going to be. It’s bittersweet. I enjoy running around, but I also enjoy “me” time. Either way when it’s warm it makes it better to be run around and tackle those errands. And also if you’ve got a nice outfit to help with the “busy” vibe.

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you all tomorrow.


Hint of pink


I rarely wear pink. I consider myself to be a girly-girl, but the color pink doesn’t attract my closet. However, this neutral pink turtle-neck has been on repeat, majorly. I like this shade of pink because for me it has a neutral vibe that allows me to wear it with a variety of items in my closet. I got this top from The Buckle.

Today I paired it with my favorite trousers from The Limited. I just have to talk about how wonderful these trousers fit for my petite body. These trousers are a must have if you have a petite frame, but also have a little junk in the trunk. The Limited trousers are perfect for all of my work-school outfits.

I’m pretty proud of myself in these pictures. Honestly, I feel like I look so pretty, I can’t stop looking at myself. This doesn’t come easy for me as at one point in time; I hated myself. I felt ugly, insecure, worthless, and undesirable.

Love yourself ladies, we are all pretty and pretty cool too.